CTEP Examination Information

The CTEP examination was developed by subject-matter experts under the guidance of psychometricians (experts in measurement and test development) and is designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform competently as a test and evaluation professional. The passing point—the score you need to achieve in order to pass—was also determined utilizing valid psychometric procedures. ITEA follows best practices in all of its test development activities and has a high degree of confidence that it is testing at a level required to safely and competently perform test and evaluation tasks, and that only those who meet the competency requirements will pass the examination.

The examination consists of 200 questions and you have four (4) hours to take the exam. Only correct answers are counted. The exam's 200 questions include twenty (20) questions that are potential test questions and included for analysis purposes. This is standard practice in the field of testing and does not have any effect on the outcome of the exam. The passing score for the exam is 70% (126 correct out of 180 scored items). About 66% of the candidates taking the exam pass.


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