Allen R. Matthews Award

Description: The Allen R. Matthews Award was established in honor of ITEA’s founder. The award is presented to an individual for a lasting, significant contribution to the field of T&E, such as the cumulative effect of a distinguished career. It is the highest award bestowed by ITEA.

Eligibility: The recipient must be a member of ITEA, and contributions to other professional technical associations with a connection to T&E will also be considered in the selection process. Teams, organizations, or institutions are not eligible for this award.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Length of time over which contributions have been made.
  2. Impact of contributions to T&E and its community.
  3. Significant achievements that benefited a professional technical association (e.g. ITEA, ITC, AIAA, NDIA) as a result of an office held or committee involvement.
  4. Services performed that enhance and strengthen the profession of T&E.


Past Recipients

1990 Allen R. Matthews (posthumously)

1991 James A. Means, Ph.D.

1992 Walter W. Hollis

1993 Charles E. “Pete” Adolph

1994 Lt Gen Howard W. Leaf, USAF

1995 Marion L. Williams, Ph.D.

1996 Richard R. Ledesma

1997 Ralph Wetzl

1998 Patricia A. Sanders, Ph.D.

1999 John M. Rampy

2000 Honorable Philip E. Coyle, III

2001 John F. Gehrig

2002 Matthew T. Reynolds

2003 John V. Bolino

2004 Paul K. Arthur

2005 Charles K. Watt, Ph.D.

2006 Eugene Law

2007 George R. Ryan, Jr.

2008 Charles E. McQueary, Ph.D.

2009 Ernst A. Seglie, Ph.D.

2010 James J. Streilein, Ph.D.

2011 John B. Foulkes, Ph.D.

2012 Thomas R. Berard

2013 Joseph Durham, Ph.D.

2014 William E. Schane

2015 H. Steven Kimmel, Ph.D.


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