Guidelines for Presenters


If you've conducted ground-breaking research, used "best-in-class" techniques, deployed  successful processes, or developed unique procedures in the field of test and evaluation, work that your peers would be interested in learning, presenting at ITEA Workshops is an important part of your professional development, by providing you with an amazing opportunity to learn from your peers, share your experiences, and contribute to advancing the Test and Evaluation profession.

Presenting at ITEA Workshops provides you the chance to:

  • Represent your field of interest, allowing researchers in other disciplines, policymakers, and the public to become aware of the innovative work being generated in your particular area of expertise;
  • Practice your presentation skills;
  • Help you develop the expertise needed to discuss your work in a clear and meaningful way;
  • Learn how to answer specific questions and present your work to a range of individuals (who may or may not be familiar with your field of research);
  • Contribute to your overall professional profile by showing others that you regularly disseminate your work to colleagues, as well as that you keep up-todate on cutting-edge and best practices in T&E; and,
  • Help you establish contacts that will foster friendships with other motivated T&E professionals who can be resources for you at any stage of your career.


Presentations at ITEA events should:

  • Contribute technically sound knowledge in a particular area of test and evaluation;
  • Present new knowledge or experience that has not been published previously; and,
  • Not be commercial, marketing, or “infomercial” in nature. The presentation’s introductory slide is the only slide that may contain the presenter's company name and/or logo. Presentations that promote specific companies, organizations, products, or services are reserved for the Exhibit Hall or Vendor Track Sessions, and strictly prohibited in Pre-Workshop sessions (including tutorials, demonstrations, and other presentations), and the Workshop Plenary and Technical Track sessions.

Tutorials are typically scheduled for either a half-day or full day, should include comprehensive presentations on well-established topics, and may include hands-on exercises on using various software and/or hardware tools. Technical Track Session presentations are shorter than tutorials and usually last 20 minutes, with N additional 10 minutes for questions.

While tutorials go into considerable depth, Technical Track Session presentations give quick holistic overviews of interesting emerging topics with a concentration on fundamentals and projection about the future of these topics.

Poster Presentations, usually displayed in the Exhibit hall, are designed to present Works-in-Progress, new ideas, and emerging fields and research topics in test and evaluation. Poster presenters are expected to bring their printed poster and handouts, and to be present during scheduled times for the Poster Presentation session(s). Attendees will browse the posters and directly interact with the presenters. Thus, the poster session is intended to be an informal, conversational forum for new ideas.


It is expected that the First Author will present the same work described in the abstract, with the same title and content. Design a presentation that is independent, objective, scientifically rigorous, balanced and free of bias.

  • Only presentations created in PowerPoint will be accepted.
  • Widescreen display - Speakers should using PowerPoint 2016 default to a 16:9 widescreen display. For other versions of PowerPoint, click on the “Design” tab. Click “Page Setup”. PowerPoint will default to Slides sized for: “On-screen Show (4:3)”. Change the setting to “On-screen Show (16:9) and click OK. If you do not format your presentation in 16:9 then the presentation will fill the screen from top to bottom, but will display with black bars to the left and right of your slides.
  • English is the language used for all Workshop presentations
  • Please note that you cannot use PowerPoint’s “Presenter View” function during your lecture.
  • Light colored text on a dark background is advised.
  • Font size of AT LEAST 24 points for body text and 36 – 40 points for headings can be seen well by attendees
  • When linking picture, graph or video files in PowerPoint, make sure to keep a backup copy of your files and confirm that they work from within your presentation. In addition, please note that adding picture files into your presentation may result in a large PowerPoint file size. Please resize picture files to before importing to prevent an unwieldy file size.
  • If using video, make sure that the video file can be played using the following software: – Windows: Windows Media Player (WMV format recommended) *If using video, we recommend bringing your own laptop.
  • Speakers should be in the meeting venue at least 10-15 minutes prior to the session start.
  • Speaker should sit in the front row of the session and approach the podium as the Moderator introduces the talk. Speakers can share the moderators table as space permits during the discussion period.
  • Pairs of moderators have been assigned for each session.
  • At the beginning of your session the moderators will introduce themselves, your session title, and the speaker and the title or their talk
  • The Technical Tracks Chairs moderators will indicate that session is open for discussion and questions
  • A microphone will be available at the podium as well as a laser pointer
  • You can advance your slides by use of the mouse or the use of the page up or down buttons.

Presentation Timing

Presentations given within Workshop Sessions are scheduled for 20 minutes for the presentation with an additional 10 minutes for questions. We ask that you please keep to your allotted time for your presentation.

Uploading Presentations

Upload your presentation in the speaker ready room at least 1 hour prior to your presentation. Make sure to bring a back-up of your presentation. Note: You may make changes to your presentation up to 1 hour before the start of your session. We will not accept presentations within 1 hour of the START OF THE SESSION. If you do not upload your presentation, you will not be allowed to present.

  • If necessary, edit and revise your presentation the DAY BEFORE your scheduled talk. Edits to your presentation are not permitted inside the session room.
  • Ensure you have included your financial disclosure slide as the second slide of your presentation.
  • Upload and check your presentation in the Speaker Preview Room
  • Confirm your presentation runs as planned and is scheduled correctly.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session and check in with the session moderator.
  • Make sure to inform staff if using videos in your presentation

Speaker preview room and AV assistance

Speakers may preview their presentations, make any changes, or get assistance from the audiovisual staff on site. The speaker ready room is open 0700 – 1630.


Any potential conflict of interest, regardless of its connection to the topics discussed or mentioned during this event, must be declared by the Workshop speakers and their co-authors and be conveyed to the audience as a second slide as part of any presentation. See the Workshop Website for a downloadable disclosure slide.

Balanced information

If specific products or services are mentioned, there should be a balanced presentation of the prevailing body of scientific information on that product or service and of reasonable alternative options. If unapproved or off-label uses of a product are discussed, presenters must inform the audience of this fact.

Presenters should not engage in peer selling. Peer selling occurs when a manufacturer or service provider engages an attendee to conduct an activity that focuses on or is designed to enhance the sale of its own products. Avoid using:

  • Product endorsements
  • Product logos or branding


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