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"Welcome Statement"

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"C-130 evaluating defensive systems."


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“Spike Lab”

The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division is focused on rebuilding its scientist and engineer workforce while also finding more meaningful, hands-on work to engage its workforce. (U.S. Navy photo by Mark P. McCoy)


“Spike Launch” 

A forward-firing miniature munition known as Spike is launched during a successful counter-UAV demonstration on the land range at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake. Spike was conceived, designed, developed and tested at NAWCWD. Since Spike is government-owned, the NAWCWD team can quickly modify the system to meet specific requirements. (U.S. Navy photo by Patrick Kreidt)

arena test

“Arena Test"

Weapon energetics are evaluated during a warhead arena test conducted on the land range at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake. (U.S. Navy photo)


“Laguna Peak"

The Laguna Peak Complex at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Point Mugu is located on a 1,500-foot-high mountain and provides an elevated line-of-sight location for overlapping coverage of the sea range. The facility provides optics coverage, telemetry, airborne and surface target control, radio communication and data transmission, surveillance radar, and a command transmitter system (CTS) for command destruct. Laguna Peak is also a primary site for range safety CTS for all ballistic missile launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base. (U.S. Navy photo)



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