Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are at the heart of ITEA, and our strength is a result
of the time and effort provided by those who volunteer to serve.

ITEA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and Committees are established to assist the Board in this governance. Committees may have specific memberships, or may be open to any member of the Association. Committees are designated to make policy recommendations to the board, to undertake long-term assignments, and to carry out the work of the association.

Committees are directly responsible to the Board of Directors. Committees may not commit to expenditure of funds and may not express opinions or represent positions in the name of ITEA unless specifically authorized by the Board. If proposing a program or activity that may involve expenditure of funds, Committees must submit a program description and budget to the Executive Director for inclusion in the Association budget that must be approved by the Board before undertaking the program or activity.

The Committee Chair and the Executive Director, working in partnership, are responsible for facilitating the work of the Committee, providing oversight, and ensuring timely communications within the Committee and between the Committee and others. The Executive Director also provides logistical support for the Committee's work.

Most ITEA Board Committee meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis, usually several weeks prior to the next scheduled ITEA Board meeting, via telephone conference call.

Committee Members Responsibilities

  • Fully participate in Committee activities by attending meetings and conducting business by telephone and written communications.
  • Act in good faith and in the best interest of the association, not on behalf of their own personal interest or even that of a constituency group of which they feel a part.
  • Take on responsibilities and commit to fulfilling them in a timely manner.
  • Disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest, and refrain from voting in these instances.
  • Refrain from discussions or activities that may violate antitrust laws.

The following volunteers have graciously offered their time, talents, and energy to serve as Committee Chairs for the Association. But, they cannot do it alone. They need YOU!

Awards Committee - Conducts an annual awards program with an awards presentation ceremony at the annual international symposium. Ms. Stephanie "Steph" H. Clewer, Chair.

Elections Committee - Prepares a slate of candidates and oversees the annual election of the Board of Directors and officers of the Association. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members. CHAIR - Mr. Matt Reynolds, Chair.

Events Committee - Plans, schedules and supports a multi-year calendar of ITEA-sponsored and co-sponsored symposia, workshops, and conferences. Mr. Doug Messer, Chair.

Professional Development Committee - Plans and develops professional development programs and education curriculums in T&E that increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of ITEA members, advance the field of T&E, and elevate the status of the T&E professional. Oversees ITEA’s scholarship program. Mr. Pete Christensen, Chair.

Publications Committee - Develops and maintains a formal publications program including publishing quarterly The ITEA Journal and sponsors publications concerning test and evaluation. Steven "Flash" Gordon, PhD, Chair

If you have a desire to contribute to ITEA’s ongoing development and management of the Association’s governance, services, and guidance for the profession, you are encouraged to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Please contact James Gaidry, ITEA Executive Director, by e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or at 703-631-6220, for more information.

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