The ITEA Journal: Table of Contents

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation


Issue Theme Month
Blending Systems Engineering, Life Cycle Support, Reliability, and Testing Mar 2017
Statistical Methods in T&E Dec 2016
Changes to Developmental and Integrated Testing Sep 2016
Inter-Agency and International T&E Jun 2016
Leveraging Training and Experimentation Infrastructure and Events for T&E Mar 2016
Blending Systems Engineering, Reliability, Life Cycle Support and Testing Dec 2015
T&E Information Assurance, Information Security, and Cyber Readiness Sept 2015
Test Methodology Rigor  Jun 2015
The Right Mix of T&E Infrastructure Mar 2015
Unattended Vehicle Testing Dec 2014
Modeling and Simulation Use in T&E Sept 2014
Training the Future T&E Workforce Jun 2014
How Much Testing is Enough: How do we right-size tests? Mar 2014
T&E in the Global Marketplace Dec 2013
Truth in Data Sept 2013
The Changing Face of Developmental T&E Jun 2013
T&E Challenges and Issues Mar 2013
Cultivating the T&E Workforce Dec 2012
Strategic Partnering: We are Doing More Without More Sep 2012
Drowning in Data, Thirsty for Information Jun 2012
T&E at the Speed of Need Mar 2012
Test as We Fight Dec 2011
Rigor of the Scientific Method Sep 2011
Organizing to Accomplish the Mission Jun 2011
Software Intensive Systems Mar 2011
Cyberspace Test and Evaluation Dec 2010
Simulation - Where is T&E Today? Sep 2010
User-Centric Systems Jun 2010
T&E in Systems Engineering Mar 2010
Air and Space Dec 2009
Integrating Test and Evaluation Sep 2009
The Future of Test Facilities Jun 2009
Test & Evaluation of Highly Complex Systems Mar2009
Autonomous and Cognitive Systems Dec 2008
Improving Suitability Through Test Sep 2008
Operational Test Agencies: Enhancing Operationals Realism Jun2008
The Evolving T&E Infrastructure Mar 2008
T&E for National Security Sep 2007
Wireless Technology and T&E Jun 2007
Information Systems Test and Evaluation Mar 2007
T&E for Rapid Acquisitions Dec 2006
Endangered Species: Data, Capabilities, Expertise Sep 2006
Critical Influences on T&E: New Systems, Policies, Business Operations Jun 2006
Distributed Testing Mar 2006
Partnering for Future T&E Dec 2005
Networked Systems T&E Sep 2005
High-Performance Computing in Test and Experimentation Jun 2005
Emerging Technologies for T&E Mar 2005
Robotic, Unmanned & Autonomous Systems T&E Dec 2004
Instrumentation for Test and Evaluation Sep 2004
Information Assurance Jun 2004
Human Factors and Performance T&E Mar 2004
Operational Test Agencies: Transforming T&E Dec 2003
The Test and Evaluation Master Plan: An Operational View Sep 2003
The T&E/S&T Program: Foundation Technologies for Future Test Capabilities Jun 2003
Reflections of and "Old Tester" Mar 2003
Applicability of Modeling and Simulation to Space System Test and Evaluation Dec 2002
The Future of Test and Evaluation Sep 2002
The C3 Driver: Combining the Best in Development, Testing, and Training for Army C4ISR Systems Jun 2002
Operational Test Agencies: M&S Challenges and Issues Mar 2002
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