23rd Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop Proceedings (2019)

23rd Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop Proceedings (2019)

23rd Test and Training Instrumentation Workshop

Shaping the Future of T&E

May 14-16, 2019 – Las Vegas, NV



Accelerating the Analysis of Test Data Using Effective and Efficient Experimentation – Mark J. Kiemele, PhD, Air Academy Associates

Basics of Aircraft Instrumentation Systems – Mr. Bruce Johnson, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD)

Introduction to Agile Test and Evaluation – Ms. Jennifer Rekas, The MITRE Corporation

iNET Telemetry Networks – Mr. Thomas Grace NAVAIR; and, Mr. Ben Abbott, SwRI

IRIG 106-17 Chapter 7 Packet Telemetry Downlink Basis and Implementation Fundamentals – Mr. Johnny Pappas, Zodiac Data Systems, Inc.

Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) 4G Cellular Technology: Network Architecture, Physical Layer Structure and Procedures, and Signaling Aspects – Achilles Kogiantis, PhD; and Kiran Rege, PhD, Perspecta Labs

Real World Telemetry over IP – Mr. Gary Thom, Delta Information Systems

The TENA and JMETC Solution for Distributed Test and Training – Mr. Gene Hudgins, KBR

Troubleshooting Ethernet Data with Wireshark – Mr. Paul Ferrill, ATAC Corporation

Video and Video Compression – Mr. Gary Thom, Delta Information Systems



Test and Evaluation for the Modern Battle Space – Brigadier General Christopher P. Azzano, Commander, Air Force Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base

U.S. Air Force Warfare Center’s Vice Commander Shares Insights on T&E Engagement – Brigadier General David W. Snoddy, Vice Commander, Air Force Warfare Center, Nellis AFB

An Innovation Movement – Brigadier General E. John Teichert – Commander, 412th Test Wing, Edwards AFB


Technologies Enabling AMT Operations in Non-Traditional Bands Panel
Moderator: Mr. Thomas O’Brien – Test Resource Management Center



Shaping the Future – Ensuring Relevance to the Future Fight Through Innovation, Governance, and Culture Change Panel
Moderator: Mr. Chris Klug – 412th Operations Group, Technical Advisor


  • Brigadier General E. John Teichert – Commander, 412th Test Wing, Edwards Air Force Base
  • Col. Scott Cain – Commander, Arnold Engineering Development Complex
  • Jason Korman, CEO – Gapingvoid Culture Design Group
  • Brian “Beam” Maue, PhD – CEO, AFWERX



Airborne Instrumentation Track
Track Chairs: Joe Dale – 812 AITS, Edwards AFB; Al Berard, 96 RANSS, Eglin AFB; Bruce Johnson, NAS Patuxent River; and, Chris Stewart, 896 Test Support Squadron, Eglin AFB

  • All-weather Strain Gage Protection Test Results – Sidney Jones, NAVAIR
  • Airworthiness Assessment for Contractor Owned Contractor Operated Instrumentation Systems – Abigail (Abbe’) Reuter, Airworthiness Director of Engineering/Delegated Technical Authority, Air Force Test Center
  • Building Multi-Vendor T&E Systems in iNET – Jakub Moskal & Mitch Kokar, VIStology, Inc.; Austin Whittington & Ben Abbott, SwRI; and, Jon Morgan, JT4, LLC, Edwards AFB
  • Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Wireless Systems to Test the Feasibility of Wireless Instrumentation – Hai Le, 812 AITS, Edwards AFB
  • Determination of Attitude in MANPAD Type Missiles – Al Berard, 96 RANSS, Eglin AFB
  • Distributed Acquisition Wireless Network (DAWN) – Robert Bieze, JT4 LLC, Edwards AFB
  • Energy Harvesting Transducers – Al Berard, 96 RANSS, Eglin AFB
  • F-15 EPAWSS Real Time Network Data Filtering – Al Berard, 96 RANSS, Eglin AFB
  • F-35 Quick Response Instrumentation Package – Jeffery Hite, 812 AITS
  • Quick reaction Air To Air Flight Termination System – Al Berard, 96 RANSS, Eglin AFB
  • SkyTherm – Russell S. Bauldree, 96 Test Wing; Samir Ibrahim, 96 Range Group; and, Philip Richmond, 782 Test Squadron, Eglin AFB
  • Succession Planning for Airborne Instrumentation – Brian Keating, Aircraft Instrumentation Division (AIR 5.2.9), NAS Patuxent River
  • Technical Training for Airborne Instrumentation Engineering – Chris Stewart & Bruce Lowmiller, 896 Test Support Squadron
  • Using Batteries to Power Data Systems and Sensors – Jim Alich, 812 AITS, Edwards AFB
  • Wireless Control and Status of High Speed Camera Pod – Ben Baird, 896 TSS, Eglin AFB

Cyber Track
Track Chairs: Anthony Rubino, 412 RANS, Edwards AFB; and, Harry Cooper, JT4

Data Analytics Track
Track Chair: Daniel Osborne, 412 TW, Edwards AFB

Mission Control Track
Track Chairs: Bill Rauch, 412 RANS, Edwards AFB; Bruce Lipe, NASA Armstrong; Thomas Grace, AVMI NAS Patuxent River; and,
Tim Chalfant, Colsa

RF Telemetry Track
Track Chair: Thomas O’Brien, Test Resource Management Center (TRMC); and, Benjamin Tomlinson, 812 AITS, Edwards AFB

  • Broadband Conformal C-Band Antenna Project – Max Apalboym, Airborne Instrumentation Systems Division, NAS PAX River
  • Cellular Range Telemetry Network: Field Test Results Overview – Eric Beck, Shobha Erramilli, William H.Johnson, Achilles Kogiantis, Jenny Maung, Kiran Rege, Anthony Triolo, Jeffrey Young, Perspecta Labs
  • Cellular Test Range Telemetry Enhancements with the Introduction of 5G technology – Achilles Kogiantis, Kiran Rege, Anthony
    Triolo, Perspecta Labs
  • Challenges in Implementing Telemetry over LTE – Mark Radke & Tom Young, T&E S&T – Spectrum Efficient Technology, Edwards AFB, CA
  • Conformal L,S,and C-Band Antennas – Tariq A. Mujahed, Toyon Research Corporation
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Reallocation – Guenever Aldrich, Spectrum Reallocation Office, Department of the Navy
  • Enhancements to Channel Model Tool Based on Bidirectional Analytic Ray Tracing and Radiative Transfer (CBAR) – Satya Ponnaluri, PhD, IAI
  • Latest Development Status on the Commercial Derivative Aircraft Based Instrumentation Telemetry System (CBITS) Program – Scott Kujiraoka, GBL Systems; J. Kyle Roudebush, Jose Hernandez and Kenneth Sanchez, NAVAIR-Point Mugu; Michael Pace, Raytheon Albuquerque
  • Spectrum needs Estimation Using Differet Methods – Michael Painter, P.E.; Kannan Swaminathan, P.E.; Kalyan Vadakkeveedu, Satheesh Ramachandran, PhD, Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.; and, Charles H. Jones, PhD, C. H. Jones Consulting, LLC
  • Spectrum Usage Measurement System (SUMS) – Mark Wigent, Laulima Systems
  • Steered Conformal Array for the Rotating Airframe Missile – Kevin Cook, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Range Instrumentation Track
Track Chairs: Arlene McKee, 96 RNCS, Eglin AFB; Alvia Sandberg, Redstone Test Center; and, Brian Duhart, 412 Test Wing, Edwards AFB

Test Support Track
Track Chairs: Randy Doring, JT4; John “JB” Esch A, Plant 42, Palmdale CA; and, David “Jesdter” Smith, 412 Test Wing, Edwards AFB

  • A Conceptual Framework for Flight Test Management Utilizing Agile Development and Project Management Concepts – Craig Hatcher, 412 Test Wing, Edwards AFB
  • Applying Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management Principles to Aircraft Modifications – April Fowler, 896th Test Support Squadron & Michael Polucha, 896th Test Support Squadron, Eglin AFB
  • Controlling Work in Progress (WIP): The Multi-Project Portfolio Scheduling Process – Archie Clark, Project Management Branch, 412 TW/TMGG
  • Designing Cultures to Steer Innovation – Jason Korman, Gapingvoid Culture Design Group
  • Production Facilities for RDT&E Special Session – AF Industrial Properties: Supporting Warfighters of Today and Tomorrow – John “JB” Esch A, Plant 42, Palmdale CA
  • Rapid Acquisition Methods – Jacob C.K. Arola, Engineering Support Branch, Directorate of Contracting, Air Force Test Center (AFTC), Edwards AFB
  • Weaponizing Air Force History and Archives – Stephanie M. Smith, PhD, History Office, Edwards AFB