About ITEA Chapters

About ITEA Chapters

ITEA Chapters, through their local service to members, are the cornerstone of the Association. The Test and Evaluation community is a family connected by unique initiatives and common goals and ITEA is the only association dedicated solely to the community’s success.

Each Chapter, organized by region, provides a diverse network of individuals that support the test and evaluation community. Led by a Chapter President and Executive Committee, the dedicated, volunteer members advance the mission of ITEA by educating the T&E workforce.


  1. Implement a robust scholarship program for your local school or STEAM program.
  2. Gain visibility within your Command/Organization by hosting a local chapter technical exchange, networking social, or luncheon with guest speaker.
  3. Earn scholarship dollars by hosting a major ITEA event. The all-volunteer chapter can host an ITEA sponsored workshop, conference, or symposia and reap the benefits of earning scholarship dollars for their local STEAM program or individual students attending higher education institutions in the fields of study that align with T&E .
  4. Promote professional recognition by running a campaign to boost the submission process for the ITEA Test & Evaluation Professional Awards program within your community.
  5. Promote professional growth by sponsoring an educational course at your Command/Organization. ITEA brings a cadre of instructors to you with topics that mean the most in your organization.

Get Involved 

As a Member of ITEA you are instrumental in the success of your Chapter!

Volunteer to gain professional connections, experience career growth and to make an impact on the T&E community!

What interests you? 

  • Working to engage the future T&E workforce in your area by supporting your Chapter’s Scholarship committee!
  • Working with ITEA National to be a Program Chair orchestrating a major workshop or symposia? How about being the Tutorial Chair soliciting the best 4-hour technical or professional sessions to provide continuing education credits to the community? Or, if you are detailed oriented, taking on the role of the administrative lead to make sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. We have so many roles available!
  • Would you consider joining or chairing one of our ITEA Board level Committees? From the ITEA T&E Awards program to the Publications Committee, we have a place for you! Learn More.
  • Did you every think of running for a leadership position on the Board of Directors? We suggest that you get involved at your local level and then engage with our Directors!

If you would like to get involved with your local chapter, please contact your Chapter President.

Scholarship Donation Opportunities 

The GW Chapter is currently accepting donations for their Scholarship Program.  Your gifts are tax deductible.