Emerald Coast Chapter Scholarship Program

Emerald Coast Chapter Scholarship Program

International Test And Evaluation Association
Emerald Coast Chapter
Scholarship Committee
Post Office Box 1584
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida 32542


1. PURPOSE. The purpose of the ECC Education/Scholarship Program is to assist and encourage outstanding and deserving Okaloosa, Santa Rose, and Walton County, Florida, graduating high school seniors to complete their college education in scientific and engineering fields related to test and evaluation.


a. The scholarship will be based on an interest in the scientific and engineering fields related to test and evaluation, academic achievement, personal character, leadership, and other noteworthy qualities. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, graduating seniors, and residents of Okaloosa county, Santa Rosa county, or Walton county throughout the academic year of application. Scholarship application information can be located by scrolling to the Chapter Scholarship Program Information section at https://itea.org/regions/emerald-coast-chapter/.

b. The ITEA ECC Executive Committee will determine the number and amount ($500 minimum per scholarship) of scholarships to be awarded, to be selected by May 1st of the application year.

c. Scholarship selection is entirely merit-based. There will be no consideration of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, or need; other than the recipient must be a U.S. citizen. Note: Scholarship candidates accepting Appointments to a U.S. military service Academy (i.e. West Point, Annapolis, USAFA, or Coast Guard) are not eligible to receive this scholarship stipend.

d. The scholarship will not be used for home study programs.

e. Scholarship funds may be allocated for any non-room and board scholastic expenses at a U.S. college or university, including tuition; miscellaneous academic fees; and books.

f. A scholarship will not be awarded until the recipient is enrolled at an accredited college or university. The ECC Treasurer, upon notification of this enrollment by the winner, will coordinate with ITEA National to have the scholarship award check mailed directly to the Registrar at the recipient’s university or college of enrollment.

g. A scholarship recipient delaying college enrollment will notify the ECC Scholarship Committee. The scholarship funds will be held in escrow for one year. If enrollment is not accomplished by October 1st in the calendar year following the year in which the scholarship is  awarded, the allotted award money will be re-deposited into the ECC ITEA general scholarship fund.

h. If a recipient transfers to another college or university before scholarship funds are expended, the funds may be transferred from the “losing” college’s Registrar to the “gaining” college’s Registrar, but it is the responsibility of the recipient to arrange for that transfer.

i. Should a scholarship award recipient dis-enroll from college, any residual scholarship funds must be returned to the ECC ITEA Treasurer.


a. Completed student applications must be returned to the ECC ITEA Education Chair prior to March 1st of the year of application to allow for timely evaluation of the applications (electronic and mail submittal addresses are listed on the bottom of the application).

b. An independent Evaluation Committee of at least three qualified individuals, as determined by the ECC ITEA Education Chair, will be established.

c. The Evaluation Committee will use the following criteria to numerically score each of the applicants:

Criteria Points
(maximum – 50 Total)
Scholastic Achievement (including aptitude tests) 5
Special Honors and Recognition 10
Leadership 5
Extracurricular Activities 5
Interest in Science, Technology, Math, Engineering 10
Understanding of Test and Evaluation 10
Overall Ability to Communicate 5

d. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to authenticate material provided in any applicant’s package with the Guidance Department of the applicant’s high school.

e. The Scholarship Chairperson will provide the rank order list of scored applications to the ECC ITEA Education Chair, who in-turn will notify the ECC ITEA President by May 1st. Scholarship recipients will be notified through their schools’ guidance departments by June 1st.

4. COLLEGE INFORMATION FORM. Once the applicant is notified that they have been selected to receive an ECC Scholarship, the ECC ITEA Education Chair will provide the recipient(s) a form to fill out requesting additional personal contact information as well as information about the college they will be attending. This form will provide ITEA National with the information needed to transfer the award money.

5. RECORDS. All correspondence and information associated with scholarship selections will be maintained by the ECC for at least three years following the award of scholarships.