2015 ITEA Professional Awards

2015 ITEA Professional Awards

Special awards luncheon honors individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to advancing the Test and Evaluation (T&E) profession.

The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) annually presents six (6) Professional T&E Awards to individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to advancing the test and evaluation profession. In addition, ITEA also presents the Board of Directors’ Award, the President’s Award, Energizer Award, the Chapter of Excellence Awards, and the Chapter of the Year Award to recognize individuals and Chapters for their significant contributions to the Association. The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Board of Directors and Committee Chair, Stephanie Clewer, relies on ITEA members and T&E leaders to identify and submit nominations of individuals and teams worthy of recognition by the 20153 ITEA T&E Professional Awards Program.

The following individuals and teams will be recognized at the 2015 Awards Luncheon, which will be held on Thursday, August 20, 2015, during the 32nd Annual Symposium at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. For more information please visit us at www.itea.org.

ALLEN R. MATTHEWS AWARD – H. Steven Kimmel, Sc.D.
The 2015 Allen R. Matthews Award is hereby presented to Dr. H. Steven Kimmel in recognition of his distinguished professional career spanning more than 47 years of service in government, industry, and academia. Dr. Kimmel retired from Federal Civil Service in 1993, completing a 27-year career as a civil servant, with profound contributions in the field of Test and Evaluation, culminating in his assignment as the Acting Director, Developmental Test and Evaluation, and Deputy Director of Defense Research and Engineering, a Senior Executive Service Level 5 position. In recognition of his service, Steve was awarded the President’s Meritorious Senior Executive Service Award and Secretary of Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Award. Steve subsequently held positions at BDM and TRW, and from 2000-2015, Steve served as a Senior Vice President at Alion Science and Technology. Dr. Kimmel is a George Washington University Alumni Engineer of the Year, and recipient of the American Defense Preparedness Association’s Silver Medal for Outstanding Performance. Dr Kimmel has been recognized as a Distinguished Guest Lecturer, Defense Systems Management College and by Who’s Who in America. In 2009 he served on the National Academy of Science, National Research Council Committee on Improving Processes and Policies for the Acquisition and Test of Information Technologies in the Department of Defense. Dr Kimmel has authored numerous publications and is the founder and Chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Test and Evaluation Division, member of the NDIA Industrial Committee on Test and Evaluation (ICOTE), and most recently served as Chairman of the NDIA C4ISR Division. Dr. Kimmel earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland in 1968 and his Master of Engineering Administration (1972) and Doctor of Science (1983) degrees from the George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Since 1977, he has been an active Adjunct Professor with University of Maryland University College and George Washington University. ITEA is pleased to recognize Dr H Steven Kimmel as the well-deserved 2015 recipient of the prestigious Allen R Matthews Award.

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – X-47B UCAS-D Integrated Test Team, U.S. Navy/Northrop Grumman Corp. 
In recognition of the outstanding achievement in Test & Evaluation engineering by the X-47B UCAS-D Integrated Test Team in the demonstration and test of the X-47B both at sea aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and in the historic first aerial refueling of an unmanned air vehicle. The U.S. Navy/Northrop Grumman Integrated Test Team specific achievements included a number of firsts: First operationally-representative catapult launches and arrested recoveries of a UAS using a wingfold capability and a fully-functional arresting hook; First Autonomous Aerial Refueling (AAR) of a UAS; First demonstration of a UAS “station keeping” with a manned aircraft; First shipboard testing of a UAS with Jet Blast Deflectors (JBD); First night taxi operations of a UAS aboard ship; First launch of a UAS from the waist catapult of an aircraft carrier; and, First use of a remote control room within the purview of the Navy’s test organization (VX-23) to monitor flight test events. Not only were these milestones performed on cost and schedule, but they were executed safely, and in a manner that was minimally disruptive to, and patently consistent with, the Navy’s normal operating procedures.

RICHARD G. CROSS AWARD – Christopher Cotting, Ph.D. 
Dr. Chris Cotting distinguished himself as a flight test education professional and Master Instructor of the United States Air Force Test Pilot School 412th Test Wing, Air Force Test Center, Air Force Materiel Command, at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. As Master Instructor, he expertly updated the content of over 45 classroom events, 7 laboratory demonstrations, and 40 flying sorties on C-12D, T-38C and F-16D aircraft. He has educated more than 160 students in 8 classes and formally developed a world-class flying qualities instructor cadre. Dr. Cotting led an unprecedented initiative to modernize the laboratories with the acquisition of a five hundred thousand dollar state-of-the art flying simulator. The simulation system allows an unparalleled flexibility in instruction formats, leading to optimal reinforcement of classroom lessons. He championed an initiative to remotely operate a Learjet aircraft from the simulation stations, providing a one-of-kind unmanned aerial vehicle test education platform. The ground control system was recently used to remotely control the Learjet through all phase of flight; a first in flight test education history. Dr. Cotting authored several publications dedicated to the advancement in education of flight test. The distinctive accomplishments of Dr. Chris Cotting reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

PUBLICATIONS AWARD – Edward Kraft, Ph.D. and Lieutenant David Stebbins. 
The 2015 ITEA Publications Award is presented to Dr. Edward Kraft and Lieutenant David Stebbins for their very timely article titled “Wind Tunnel Testing in the Department of Defense,” appearing in the March 2015 Issue 36-1 of The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation. In this outstanding article, the primary Department of Defense wind tunnels used for aeronautical system development are introduced, their unique features and current status are noted, and projected changes in the future use of wind tunnels are described. Descriptions of wind tunnels, their capabilities, and locations, are seldom found in one article, and this comprehensive inventory fills a critical void. Eight wind tunnels included in the Major Range and Test Facility Base have been identified as critical facilities for the development of military air vehicles. All of these facilities have been classified as either unique in the United States or unique in the world because of their scale, operating envelopes, test capabilities, and data quality. These facilities encompass the flight regimes from subsonic, through transonic and supersonic, to hypersonic. Essentially all United States military flight vehicles, missiles, and launch systems developed in the United States in the last 60 years have been tested in these wind tunnels described in this article. The dedication shown by Dr. Edward M. Kraft and Lieutenant David W. Stebbins reflects great credit on these two authors, the United States Air Force, the Air Force Test Center, and Arnold Air Force Base.

Dr. Michael Hale is recognized for exceptional leadership and technical expertise demonstrated in his advancement of MDOF vibration testing, control theory, and test specification development in the field of Dynamic Testing. During 2015, Dr. Hale led the system integration effort for the LC6DOF system at the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center. Incredible progress was made, and many technical obstacles overcome to create this one of a kind dynamic testing capability. Dr. Hale’s expertise, research, development, teamwork, leadership, and personal drive were essential to the successful design and buildup of the LC6DOF system. The integration of this revolutionary capability for the DoD is the culmination of Dr. Hale’s persistence and dedication over the past decade to further MDOF dynamic testing technology. This new capability significantly reduces test times compared to the more typical single DOF vibration testing while at the same time better replicating real-world vibration exposure and provides the DoD with the ability to conduct 6DOF vibration tests on a variety of weapon systems.

Mr. David T. Barnette is presented the 2015 International Test and Evaluation (T&E) Association’s Junior Achiever Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions within his first two years of practicing in the T&E field within the Department of Defense. His expertise has been relied upon by the ALQ-131A System Program Office for both system development and requirements along with all testing of the new Pod Upgrade Program. His technical achievements in helping the warfighters, who daily venture into harm’s way, is exemplified by his contributions as the primary Electronic Warfare mission data specialist supporting operational jamming ALQ-131 and ALQ-184 pods that protect over 1,500 Combat Air Force aircraft for both Air Combat Command, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard Testing Center. Mr. Barnette’s foresight, leadership, and professionalism reflect great credit upon himself, 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 53rdElectronic Warfare Group, 53rd Wing, and the Department of Defense.

ENERGIZER AWARD – Jonathan Denning.
The 2015 ITEA Energizer Award is presented to Mr. Jonathan “Jon” Denning for his dedicated effort and unwavering leadership in the advancement of the ITEA Antelope Valley Chapter and ITEA’s Test Instrumentation Workshop. His efforts to support ITEA at both the International and Chapter Level has resulted in increased membership for the Chapter and a re-invigoration of ITEA’s Test Instrumentation Workshop—providing quality professional development opportunities for ITEA Members and non-Members alike. Jon has served at various positions within the Antelope Valley Chapter, currently serves as the Chapter President, and has volunteered his time, talents, and energy to the Test Instrumentation Program Committee for the past several years. It is with great pleasure that the 2015 ITEA Energizer Award is presented to Mr. Jonathan Denning.

The Board of Directors’ Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the growth, development, goals, and mission of the Association. The 2015 ITEA Board of Directors is please to recognize Dr. Mark Brown for his proven leadership and guidance throughout the years to the Association and the Board of Directors. From service at the Chapter level with the Rocket City Chapter, speaking at Workshops, Program Chair of the 2013 Annual Symposium, and on the Board of Directors, he has been a champion for ITEA and our membership. Mark has served on the Board of Directors for the last 6 years serving as Secretary, Vice President, President, and Chair of the Senior Advisory Board. This year is Mark’s last year on the Board, but it is definitely not his last year volunteering his service to ITEA. Mark has now set his sights on the Test Technology Review which will move from Memphis to Huntsville with a new Agenda, look, and feel. The Board of Directors will miss Mark’s dry wit, his leadership, and above all his drive to ensure that ITEA serves the Test and Evaluation community with VALUE. Finally, Mark is just a pleasure to work with. He has the heartfelt appreciation of the ITEA Board of Directors for his service to our organization. We look forward to his continued presence at the ITEA meetings, and look forward to his participation with ITEA for many more years to come. Mark will always have the Board of Directors’ gratitude for all he has done. Thank you Mark, for a job well done! 

PRESIDENTS’ AWARD – Steven C. Gordon, Ph.D. 
The 2015 ITEA President’s Award is reserved for an individual who selflessly steps up to assist the president in the execution of the organization’s goals and missions. I am presenting the 2015 ITEA President’s Award to Dr. Gordon.  Flash serves as Chair of the Publications Committee developing the themes for the ITEA Journal, soliciting and editing articles, soliciting advertisers, and publishing Chapter News. The ITEA Journal is our most important publication and Flash stepped up with leadership and technical acumen. I have received numerous and unsolicited compliments on the quality and value of the Journal from many members this year. The Journal continues to tackle the hot topics and issues that affect our T&E community such as “T&E Infrastructure”, and “Test Methodology Rigor”, and “T&E of Information Assurance, Information Security, and Cyber Readiness”. When Flash is not working on the Journal, he is leading the revitalization of the Central Florida Chapter. It is with great pleasure that we recognize Flash for his hard work and leadership to our membership and community.