Cross Award

Cross Award

Description: The Cross Award was established in honor of the late Major General Richard G. Cross, Jr., USAF (Ret), one of the most highly respected individuals in the field of T&E in the 20th century.  ITEA presents this award to recognize outstanding achievements in the development or administration of T&E education.

Eligibility: ITEA membership is not a requirement for eligibility, but will be considered during the Committee’s selection process. The Cross Award may be awarded to any deserving individual, team, organization, or institution.

Evaluation Criteria: Nominees must have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of T&E education by means of accomplishment in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Administration.  Establish a T&E education program in a recognized institution of higher learning, either civilian or military; or administer an existing program with such professional competence as to merit special recognition.
  2. Education. Exhibit exceptional technical competence as an educator on one or more of the academic subject areas in the general field of T&E. Educational efforts that promote T&E as a professional discipline shall be a prime evaluation criterion.
  3. Research.  Develop new theories, concepts, or techniques for use in T&E education. The results should be documented and available for general use.

Past Recipients

1990 – Robert J. Warnagieris, PhD
1991 – James D. Engel
1992 – O. J. “Jud” Strock
1993 – Peter H. Sydenham
1994 – J. Daniel Stewart, PhD
1995 – Fred K. McCoy
1996 – National Test Pilot School
1997 – Paul A. Alfieri, Thomas Hoivik and William D. West
1998 – John D. Claxton
1999 – Robert T. Matthews, PhD
2000 – Joint Advanced Distributed Simulation Test Force
2001 – US Army Aberdeen Test Center
2002 – Frank B. Gray, PhD
2003 – USAF Test Pilot School
2004 – The Test & Evaluation Basic Course Technical Review Committee, Army Test and Evaluation Command
2005 – Air Force Institute of Technology/LS, T & E Course Development Team

2006 – Larry Leiby
2007 – Gerald Garfinkel, PhD
2008 – Captain Susan E. Betison
2009 – Daniel Telford
2010Ralph E. Hughart
2011 – J. James McCue
2012 – Leslie D. Taylor
2013 – Matthew T. Reynolds
2014G. Derrick Hinton
2015Christopher Cotting, PhD
2016Craig Nixon
2017 – Mark Kiemele, PhD
2018 – John C. O’Connor
2019 – Laura Freeman, PhD
2020 – Terry Murphy
2021 – Ken Miller
2022 – Robert B. Barthelmes, Jr