Board Committees

Board Committees

ITEA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and Committees are established to assist the Board in this governance. Committees may have specific memberships, or may be open to any member of the Association. Committees are designated to make policy recommendations to the board, to undertake long-term assignments, and to carry out the work of the association.

Most ITEA Board Committee meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis, usually several weeks prior to the next scheduled ITEA Board meeting, via telephone conference call.

If you have a desire to contribute to ITEA’s ongoing development and management of the Association’s governance, services, and guidance for the profession, you are encouraged to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Please contact the Executive Office, by e-mail at , or at 703-631-6220, for more information.

Awards Committee

Conducts an annual awards program with an awards presentation ceremony at the annual international symposium. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair: Stephanie Clewer

Chapter Development and Individual Membership Committee

Develops strategies for individual membership growth and chapter development. The Committee will consist of a Chair, Region Vice Presidents, and Chapter Presidents. The Chair is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Regional Vice Presidents.

Chair: Vacant

Communications Committee

Conducts a program for the exchange of ideas and information in the field of test and evaluation with allied branches of government, industry, academia, and professional societies.

Chair: Erwin Sabile , CTEP

Corporate Development Committee

Develops strategies for corporate membership growth and maintains liaison with ITEA corporate members. The Committee consists of one representative from each of ITEA’s Corporate Members.

Chair: Steve Seiden

Elections Committee

Prepares a slate of candidates and oversees the annual election of the Board of Directors and officers of the Association. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair: Gene Hudgins

Events Committee

Plans, schedules and supports a multi-year calendar of ITEA-sponsored and co-sponsored symposia, workshops, and conferences. The Committee should include all current Symposium, Workshop, other event Chairs, and is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair: Steve Woffinden, CTEP

History Committee

Documents the history of ITEA and specific issues, problems, and developments in the field of test and evaluation. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair:  Vacant

Professional Development Committee

Plans and develops professional development programs and education curriculum in T&E that increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of ITEA members, advance the field of T&E, and elevate the status of the T&E professional. The Committee also oversees ITEA’s scholarship program. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair:  Pete Christensen, CTEP

Publications Committee

Develops and maintains a formal publications program including publishing quarterly The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, and sponsors publications concerning test and evaluation. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair:  Laura J. Freeman, PhD 

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation
Editor: Laura J. Freeman, PhD
Associate Editor: Danielle Kauffman

Publisher: ELK Management Group, ITEA Executive Office

Rules and Bylaws Committee

Ensures the activities of the Association are conducted in accordance with these bylaws and conform to the policies and procedures of the Association. Reviews, updates, and amends the governing bylaws of the Association in accordance with the desires of the Board of Directors and the membership.

The current ITEA Chairman serves as the Committee Chair.

Senior Advisory Board

A Senior Advisory Board (SAB) is established to assist in preserving and furthering the goals and objectives of ITEA. The SAB will advise the President and the Board of Directors on matters of policy and strategic planning. The SAB should be cognizant of all the ITEA activities to assure the propriety of these actions and determine that they relate to test and evaluation and are consistent with the goals and objectives of the Association as defined in the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws. The SAB will accomplish such other tasks as may be requested by the President and/or the Board of Directors. The Chapters and Committees may call upon the SAB, through the Executive Committee, for advice and counsel within the expertise of the SAB. The Board is advisory in nature and will not normally concern itself with the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Board consists of all ITEA Past-Presidents, and is Chaired by the immediate ITEA Past-President.

Chair:  Bruce Einfalt, CTEP

Strategic Planning Committee

Develops and coordinates long-range strategies for achieving the goals of the Association as articulated in the bylaws and subordinate objectives. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

The Committee is Chaired by the current ITEA Vice Chairman.

Technology Committee

Stays abreast of new technologies of interest to test and evaluation practitioners and develops techniques to address the technologies from a test and evaluation perspective. Membership on this Committee is open to all ITEA Members.

Chair: Henry Merhoff

Ways and Means Committee

Manages the financial planning and annual budget process for the Association. The Ways and Means Committee consists of a Chair, who will be a sitting member of the Board but not a Board Officer, the Board Treasurer, and one non-Board member appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

Chair:  Joe Bullington, CTEP