19th Test Instrumentation and Directed Energy T&E Workshops – Proceedings (2015)

19th Test Instrumentation and Directed Energy T&E Workshops – Proceedings (2015)



  • Maj. Gen. Arnold W. Bunch, Jr., USAF – Commander, USAF Test Center, Edwards AFB, NH-IV – 412 Test Wing, Installation Support Director
  • CDR Jason Fox, USN – Program Manger, PMS-405, Directed Energy & Electric Weapon Systems, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, NAVSEA HQ; Group Head, NAVSEA 05T, Chief of Staff, NAVSEA 05 (NAVSEA CHENG)
  • Mr. Derrick Hinton – Acting Principal Deputy, Developmental Test & Evaluation (DT&E), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)
  • Mr. Steve Traver – Legislative Fellow, Office of Representative Steve Pearce (NM-02)


Session A1: Airworthiness for T&E Aircraft at AFTC 
CHAIR: Larry Dale – Z12th TENG/ENI, Edwards AFB 
Independent Airworthiness Overview (IAW) and the AFTC – Alan Colthorp, Eglin AFB
AFTC and Airworthiness Process Changes – Wayne E. Hale, AFTC, Edwards AFB 
Engineering Safety Assessment (ESAS) Generation (with Audience Participation!) – Chris Coyne, AFTC, Edwards AFB

Session A2: Forging T&E Tools From the Ore of Raw Data
CHAIR: Bill Rauch – 412th RANS/ENRE, Edwards AFB
Python in the Workplace: An Example TLE Computation – James Brownlow, Ph.D, 412th TW, Edwards AFB
Adventures in Reliability Data: Left, Right, and Interval Censored Data – Todd Remund, 412th TW, Edwards AFB
RIDIT Analysis for Cooper-Harper Ratings – Arnon Hurwitz, Ph.D, 412th TW, Edwards AFB

Session A3: Spectrum Efficient Technologies 
CHAIR: Tom Young – 412th TENG, Edwards AFB
Aligned Vision for a Unified Spectrum Strategy – Tom Young, 412th TENG, Edwards AFB
Utilizing COTS network test equipment for characterizing network telemetry links in an airborne environment – Mark Radke, Jacobs Engineering, and Tom Young, 412th TENG, Edwards AFB
Advances in Channel Model Tool Based on Bidirectional Analytic Ray Tracing and Radiative Transfer (CBAR) – Chujen Lin, Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Smart Data Selection – Shannon Wigent, Laulima Systems

Session A4: Atmospheric Characterization
CHAIR: Woody Shortt – AEgis Technologies Group
V&V of Atmospheric Characterization Tools – Dr. John Madry, SURVICE Engineering Co. and Dr. Kevin Keefer, Air Force Institute of Technology Maritime Atmospheric Characterization system (MACS)
– Gary Gimmestad, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Session B1: Advancement of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Systems and Methods
CHAIR: Robert Selbrede, JT3 Edwards, AFB
Testing Smarter, Not Harder: Utilizing TENA and JMETC – Gene Hudgins, Wyle
Testing Next Generation EW Systems Against Modern Intergated Air Defense Systems – David Lott, Engility Corp.

Session B2: State of the Art Weapons Fragmentation Analysis Tools 
CHAIR: Dave Smith – 412th TW/ID, Edwards AFB
Azimuthal Multipliers – Elizabeth K. Bartlett, 780 TS/TSW, Eglin AFB
Advanced Weapons Effects Test Capability (AWETC) – Steven Musteric, 96 TSSQ/RNXT Eglin, AFB

Session B3: Non-Intrusive Instrumentation 
CHAIR: George Shoemaker – NUWC NWP
T&E/S&T-Developed GPS/GPS-denied TSPI Technologies…Past, Present, Future – Tom Macdonald, MacroVision
Reliable Objective Cognitive Assessment (ROCA) – Dr. Walid Soussou, Quasar, Inc.
Emerging Microsystems Technology Transition into Test Capabilities – Dr. Paul Fortier, UMASS-D
GPS-independent Testing of Guided Munitions: Position and Attitude of Weapons Systems (PAWS) – Dr. David Taylor, ENSCO, Inc.

Session B4: Optical Turbulence Measurement and Characterization 
CHAIR: Jeff Schleher – American Systems
Measuring Optical Turbulence with DIMM – Ralph Galetti, Boeing Test & Evaluation
Using SNI Location to Provide Marine Optical Turbulence – Roberto Garcia, Naval Air Warfare Center, Pt. Mugu

Session C1: iNET- An Update 
CHAIR: Thomas Grace – NAVAIR
iNET Program Update – Thomas Grace, NAVAIR, and Ben Abbott, Southwest Research Institute
INET Networking Basics – Thomas Grace, NAVAIR, and Ben Abbott, Southwest Research Institute
INET Flight Testing – Thomas Grace, NAVAIR, and Ben Abbott, Southwest Research Institute

Session C2: T&E Meeting Real-World Challenges 
CHAIR: Pam Tanck – V.P., Innovation Implementation, JT3 LLC
Flight Test of F-16 Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology – Jessica Peterson, Flight Dynamics Engineer, and SarahKatie Thomas, Collision Avoidance Engineer, Edwards AFB
Radar Interference from Wind Turbines – a T&E Perspective on Available Studies – Tim Laffoon, JT3 Edwards, AFB
Next Generation Range Control & Data Distribution – Mark Wigent, Leidos, Andrew Schmidt, Leidos, and Ryan de la Pena, PMRF

Session C3: AWS 3: AMT’s Path Forward after the Auction  
CHAIR: Barbara Wheaton – 412th TENG/GPB, Edwards AFB
Initial Approaches to Mitigating the Impacts of the AWS-3 Auction (1755-1780 MHz) – Ronald Pozmantier, 412th TW ENI, and Robert Selbrede, JT3, Edwards AFB 
NASCTN – Mark Lofquist, MITRE Corp.

Session C4:  HELEEOS and IACS 
CHAIR: Jeff Schleher – American Systems
Integrated Atmospheric Characterization System (IACS) – Gary Gimmestad,  Georgia Tech Research Institute

Session D1: TRMC Support to Cyber T&E and Big Data Instrumentation
CHAIR: AJ Pathmanathan – JMETC Deputy PM for Engineering
JMETC Cyber Initiatives – AJ Pathmanathan, JMETC Deputy PM for Engineering
T&E/S&T Cyber Test Technology Area Investments – Mark Erickson, Executing Agent, Cyberspace Test Technology (CTT) 46th Test Squadron
Big Data – Ryan Norman, Test Resources Management Center
National Cyber Range Overview – Mr. Doug Troester

Session D2: Haze Gray and Underway! Cutting Edge Naval Test and Evaluation  
CHAIR: Dave Smith – 412th TW/ID, Edwards AFB
Taking the Range to the Test: Atlantic Test Range Remote Capabilities – Bob Sowa and Shawn Perry, NAVAIR/NAWCAD/Atlantic Test Ranges
Advances in the Development of Missile Telemetry Test Sets: Utilizing 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing – Max Apalboym and Scott Kujiraoka, Naval Air Warfare Center, Pt. Mugu

Session D3: Advances in Data Modeling, Selection, Packetization and Security 
CHAIR: Bill Rauch – 412th RANS/ENRE, Edwards AFB
Predictive Modeling for BIG (and Small) Data – Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D, Air Academy Associates
IF-over-IP (“Packetized IF”) – Jason Phillips, RT Logic
A Cost Effective Progression from System High to Multi-Level Security – Chad Spittle, Rockwell Collins HD-SDI KLV Metadata: A Game-Changing Tool  – Paul Hightower, Instrumentation Technology Systems

Session D4: T&E of High Energy Laser Systems and High Power Microwaves
CHAIR: Woody Shortt – AEgis Technologies Group
T&E Support of HEL Weapons Systems in a Variety of Engagement Scenarios – Ed Trzcienski, AEgis Technologies Group
The Importance of Dirt in HPM and Electronic Warfare Testing – Jeffery Schleher, American Systems

Session E1: Advances in Flight Test Instrumentation  
CHAIR: Brian Keating – NAVAIR
Advanced Sensor Reversible Attachment Technology (ASRAT) – Ben Castillo, 412th TENG/ENI, Edwards AFB
Airborne Instrumentation development for the Navy’s Air Warfare Battle Shaping (AWBS) Program – Dick Dickson, Jacobs, Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office
TACO Cart Design at Edwards AFB – Greg Richardson, 412th TENG/ENI, Edwards AFB

Session E2:  PCM Based Packet Telemetry 
CHAIR: Steve Meyer – NAWC China Lake
TACO Cart Design at Edwards AFB – Jon Morgan, JT3, Edwards AFB
An Implementation of Ch-7 – Johnny Pappas, Zodiac Aerospace
Ch-7: A User’s Case – Tab Wilcox, US Army, Yuma Proving Ground

Session E3: Data Processing, Transportation and Analysis 
CHAIR: Bob Baggermann – Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
F-35 Video Debrief and Playback Using ILIAD – Michael Lockard, EMC 
Processing Ethernet Flight Test Data with Open Source Tools – Paul Ferrill, Avionics Test and Analysis Corporation
Flight Test Data Pipeline – Aaron Payne, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
NEXT GENERATION FEATURE ROADMAP for IP-Based Range Architectures – Dave Werdin, PE, Superior Access Solutions (SAS)

Session E4: Challenges and Standards for DE Metrology 
CHAIR: Ed Trzcienski – AEgis Technologies Group
DE Metrology: Examples of S&T Challenges – Dr. Subrata Sanyal, NSWC Corona 
Standards for Beam Quality Metrics  – Jack Slater, Schafer Corp.
Non-Intrusive HPM Sensor Program – Jeff Schleher, American Systems

Session F1: RF Telemetry Spectrum Issues 
CHAIR: Ron Pozmantier – 412th TW ENI, Edwards, AFB
Telemetry Re-Rad Pod Design – Bruce Johnson, NAVAIR, Patuxent River  
Overview of the DoD Spectrum Access R&D Program – Gregory Wagner, Chief, Regulatory & Strategic Initiatives Branch DISA Defense Spectrum Organization
A Low Cost, Quick Reaction TM Acquisition System Solution for Deployed Testing – Ronald Pozmantier, 412th TW ENI, Edwards, AFB

Session F2: Electronic Warfare (EW) and the T&E Environment
CHAIR: Gerry Christeson, Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)
Electronic Warfare Investment Program (EWIP) – Gerry Christeson, TRMC 
Ku-Band SATCOM Data Link Functionality in an Anechoic Chamber – Senait Gebredingle, Edwards, AFB

Session F3: TSPI 
CHAIR: Dick Dickson – Jacobs, Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office
Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office: “Ensuring T&E Ranges Can Meet the GPS Instrumentation Sustainment Challenges of the Future” – Dick Dickson, Jacobs, Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office
Boresighting TSPI Systems – Gary Glazner, 412 RANS / ENRT, Edwards AFB
TECCS Upgrades- Better SA for Testers – Gary Glazner, 412 RANS / ENRT, Edwards AFB

Vendor Innovation Sessions
CHAIR: James Ferrill – 412th TW/ENR Edwards, AFB
Analytical Modeling:  A Technique for Handling Big (and small) Data – Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D, Air Academy Associates
Limitation of the 2-Antennas Problem for Aircraft Telemetry by using a Blind Equalizer – Jean Guy Pierozak, Zodiac Systems 
Search – Substitute – Select – Request and ReDeploy Test Assets to Save Time and Improve Utilization Rates! – Chris Campbell, Asset Smart
Receiver Non-Windows OS Migration – Douglas O’Cull, SEMCO


A Primer on Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques – Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D, Air Academy Associates 
Hands on Bayesian estimation with R and JAGS – Dr. James Brownlow, USAF Edwards AFB 812 TSS/ENT
Introduction to Aircraft Instrumentation Systems – Jim Alich and Carl Kowalski, 412TENG/ ENI, Edwards AFB
IRIG106-13 Chapter 10 Digital Recording Standard – Mark Buckley, Telspan Data 
Practical Considerations using Pressure, Force, Acceleration and Torque Instrumentation – Bill Zwolinski, Head, Test and Measurement (Americas), Kistler Instrument Corp
TENA and JMETC – Overcoming Challenges in Distributed T&E – Gene Hudgins, Wyle 
T&E of High Power Microwave Systems – Jeffery Schleher