21st Test Instrumentation Workshop Proceedings (2017)

21st Test Instrumentation Workshop Proceedings (2017)

Solving Problems with Innovative Solutions

Hosted by the ITEA Antelope Valley and the Southern Nevada Chapters




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Innovation Panel

Moderator: Anthony J. Rubino, NH-IV, DAF, Director, 412th Range Squadron


  • TJ Wuth, XCITE Innovation Member, 412 TW, Edwards AFB
  • Andreia Rauta, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Steven Matousek, Formulation Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Dave Crawford, Executive R&D Imagineer, Walt Disney Imagineering, R&D Inc.

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUASs) and Counter-sUAS Systems Panel: Are Test Ranges Ready For Them?

Moderator: Albert Sciarretta, President, CNS Technologies, Inc.


  • Michael J. Hopmeier, President, Unconventional Concepts, Inc.
  • Eric T. Matson, PhD, Associate Professor, Purdue University
  • Paul Kolodzy, PhD, Independent Consultant, Kolodzy Consulting, LLC

Telemetry Spectrum Encroachment Blue Ribbon Panel

Moderator: Mikel Ryan, Mid-Atlantic Area Frequency Coordination Office, Patuxent River MD


  • Fredrick D. Moorefield, Jr., SES, Director, Spectrum Policy & International Engagements for the DoD Chief Information Officer
  • Elisabetta L. “Betta” Jerome, PhD, SES, Technical Advisor, Armament & Weapons Test & Evaluation, Eglin Air Force, FL. , Senior Technical Advisor to the Air Force Test Center Commander
  • Paul D. Mann, SES, Principal Deputy Director, Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)
  • Thomas C. Dowd, SES, Director, Range Department, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Naval Air Systems Command
  • William “Ken” Keane, Partner Duane Morris LLP, Legal Counsel for TRMC and AFTRCC


A view of MRTFB Test Ranges

Chair: Tony Rubino, NH-IV, DAF, 412th Range Squadron


Chair: Bob Baggerman, Zodiac Data Systems

Data Quality from a statistical perspective

Chair: Ron Pozmantier, 412 TENG/ENI

Distributed Range Operational Issues

Chair: Ray Sommer, JT3 LLC, Edwards AFB

IRIG Standards Future Directions

Chair: Bob Selbrede, JT3 LLC

IRIG Telemetry Network Standard

Chair: Thomas Grace, NAVAIR

Knowledge Management and Big Data

Chair: Thomas Treakle, DELL EMC

Next Generation Range

Chair: Bill Rauch, 412th Range Squadron, Edwards AFB

Non-Intrusive Instrumentation

Chair: Alan Colthorp, 412 TENG/ENI

  • Passive acoustic marine mammal monitoring tools for Undersea Test and Evaluation (T&E) events – Ronald Morrissey, PhD; David Moretti, & Susan Jarvis, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC); David Mellinger, & Curtis Lending, Oregon State University; Elizabeth Henderson, Steve Martin, & Brian Matsuyama, SPAWAR Systems Center
  • Printed Sensing Networks for Testing and Evaluation of Aerostructures – Giovanni Nino, Quest Integrated LLC (Qi2)
  • Embedded Sensors for Flight Test – Making Every Aircraft a Test Aircraft – Jay Kudva, Robert Bortolin, & Robert DeMott, NextGen Aeronautics Inc.
  • Novel Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Test and Evaluation Systems – Stavros Georgakopoulos, Florida International University

MRTFB Spectrum Relocation

Chair: Guy Williams, AFTC/ENS

Special Topics

Chair: Chris Coyne, 412TENG/ENIMD

  • Data Validation: Methods for Detecting Anomalous Data during Aircraft Propulsion System Test and Evaluation – David Kidman, 412th Test Wing
  • Multi-Component Force Measurement – Bill Zwolinski, Kistler Instrument Corp.
  • An Update on the Conformal C-Band/Multiband Antenna Project – Scott Kujiraoka, Russ Fielder, Max Apalboym & Michael Chavez, NAVAIR
  • NIST-on-a-Chip – Nate Orloff, NIST

Spectral Efficient Telemetry

Chair: Tom Young, 812th TSS/ENTI Edwards AFB

  • Flight line Telemetry using Universal Beamforming Technology – Anand Kelkar & Norm Lamarra, CDSI
  • Universal Beamforming Technology applied at reflector feeds – Anand Kelkar & Norm Lamarra, CDSI
  • Spectrum Efficiency Through Metrics – Michael K. Painter, & Ronald Fernandes, PhD, Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.; Charles H. Jones, PhD, C. H. Jones Consulting, LLC
  • Comparing T&E and Commercial Spectrum Metrics – Charles H. Jones, PhD, C. H. Jones Consulting, LLC; Michael K. Painter, Knowledge Based Systems, Inc

Spectrum Access Research & Development Program

Chair: Robert Palmer, 412th Range Squadron, Edwards AFB

Telemetry Spectrum Encroachment

Chair: Mikel Ryan, Mid-Atlantic Area Frequency Coordination Office

Test Management

Chair: David Smith, 412th TW/ID, Edwards AFB, S&E Recruitment and Retention Dan Stevenson, C4ISR Flight Chief 775 TS/ENVC

  • Innovative Project Management; tying it all together – Julie Cagle, 412 TW/TMG AF Plant 42
  • Leadership 101: Essential Skills for Leaders – Ben Tomlinson, 412 TW/EN, 773 TS/ENI
  • How To Do More With Less – Michelle Perry, 412 CEG
  • STEM, building a “farm team” for future intellectual capital – Humberto Blanco, 412 TW/XP
  • Fibre Optics For Structures – Jack Earl, 412TENG/ENIMD
  • Dynamic Shape Sensing Using Optical Fiber Strain Sensing – Alec Hammond, Frederick Seng, LeGrand Shumway, Helaman Johnston, Stephen Schultz, & Ivann Velasco, Brigham Young University; Drew Hackney, Tyler Goode, Kara Peters, & Mark Pankow, North Carolina State University; George Shoemaker, Advanced Instrumentation Systems Technology
  • High Repetition-Rate Strain Sensing using Fiber Bragg Grating – Frederick Seng, LeGrand Shumway, Alec Hammond, Helaman Johnston, Ivann Velasco, & Stephen Schultz, Brigham Young University; Drew Hackney, Tyler Goode, Kara Peters, & Mark Pankow, North Carolina State University; George Shoemaker, Advanced Instrumentation Systems Technology
  • Digital Image Correlation for Vibration Measurement in Supersonic Flight – Timothy Beberniss, AFRL/RQHF; David Ehrhardt, UES (contractor to AFRL)

TSPI Systems And Lessons Learned

Chair: Peter Wright, 412th Range Squadron, Edwards AFB

  • Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office: Airborne Instrumentation development for the Navy’s JSF Operational Testing Program and New Navy CEIS Contract for Support, Sustainment, and Procurement of all Range Instrumentation – Dick Dickson, Dynetics
  • Tri-Service GPS Sustainment Management Office: Ensuring T&E Ranges Can Meet the GPS Instrumentation Sustainment Challenges of the Future – Dick Dickson, Dynetics
  • Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System (CRIIS): Major Test Range and Facilities Base (MRTFB) Modernization – Roshelle Orgusaa, USAF AFLCMC/EBYC
  • NFER Indoor Location System – Hans Schantz, Q-Track Corporation, and Sheila Jones, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • Next Generation Joint Service High Accuracy TSPI Sensor (GRITS) – Richard Gean, Eglin AFB