29th International Test and Evaluation Symposium Proceedings (2012)

29th International Test and Evaluation Symposium Proceedings (2012)

29th Annual International Test and Evaluation Symposium 


Mr. Rick Baily, Senior VP of Engineering, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, The Boeing Company

Brig Gen Arnold Bunch, USAF, Director, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base – Slides Removed by Presenter

Mr. Pete Christensen, The MITRE Corporation

MG John Custer, USA (RET),  EMC and former Commandant of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center

AIRCDRE Noel Derwort, Commander Aerospace Operational Support Group – Australia 

Mr. David W. Duma, Principal Deputy Director, Operational Test and Evaluation – No Slides Provided          

Maj. Gen. David Eichhorn, Commander, Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center

Dr. J. Michael Gilmore, Director for Operational Test & Evaluation

Mr. Edward R. Greer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test & Evaluation

Mr. David Gruel, Mars Science Laboratory Assembly Test and Launch Operations, NASA JPL  

Mr. Norbie Lara, Wounded Warrior Project

Mr. Tom Wissink, Lockheed Martin


Plenary Panel 1 – Future Opportunities to Develop a More Integrated Government/Industry T&E Team

Moderator:  Dr. Wilson Felder, Director FAA Tech Center

Mr. Marshall Short, Boeing VP of Lab Test Operations – No Slides Provided

Mr. Mike McLendon, Associate Director, Interagency Programs, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon

Dr. Edgar G. Waggoner, Director, of the Integrated Systems Research Program, NASA – No Slides Provided

Mr. Marty Arnwine for Chip Ferguson, TRMC

Plenary Panel 2 – Testing at the Speed of Need; Agile Development

Moderator:  Dr. Steve Hutchison, Developmental Test & Evaluation

Mr. Terry Simpson, CTO USMC Intel

Mr. David Jimenz, Executive Director, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command, Army Evaluation Center

Mr. Gary Carter, Director, Department of Homeland Security, T&E and Standards Division

Mr. Jamie Masterson, AWD System Acceptance & Verification Manager, ASC Pty Ltd

Dr. Robin Poston, University of Memphis and Founding Director STEP

Panel 3 – Future Workforce Development

Moderator:  Mr. Bob Arnold, Technical Adviser, 46th Test Wing

Mr. Gordon Eldridge, BAE Systems

Dr. Steve Hutchison, Principal Deputy Director, Developmental Test & Evaluation

Mr. Jeff Moulton, Information Operations and Program Development Director, Georgia Tech Research Institute               

Mr. Peter Nikoloff, Director/Senior Weapons System Engineer, Nova Systems, Australia


Track 1: Policy, Processes, Procedures, and Facilities for Future Test and Evaluation

Track Chair: Mr. Ben Castillo, 412 TENG/CL, AFMC

Adopting Integrated Processes to Enhance Test and Evaluation Program Management Communications, Mr. Pat Eigbe, William J. Hughes Technical Center, FAA

The Future of Test and Evaluation for Event-Driven Programs, Mr. John Frederick and Ms. Valerie Lee, William J. Hughes Technical Center, FAA

Joint Warfighter Support and Future Joint Facilities, Captain Rachel Ramirez, Air Force Joint Test Program Office

Track 2: Recruiting and Training the Test and Evaluation Workforce

Track Chair: Mr. Pete Crump, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Strengthening and Shaping the T&E Workforce for the Future: A View from the Field, Mr. Robert J. Arnold, 46th Test Wing, Eglin AFB

Investing in the Future – Building Tomorrow’s Test and Evaluation Workforce through AFOSR Sponsorship, Dr. Michael Kendra, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Preparing the T&E Workforce for the Speed of Need: A DISA/JITC Case Study, Mr. Tony Stout, Defense Information Systems Agency, Joint Interoperability Test Command

Track 3:  Govternment, Industry, and Academy Partnership to Share and Improve T&E Infrastructure

Track Chair: Ms. Souzane Tacawy, The Boeing Company Test and Evaluation

Speeding Toward Operational Test with Enhanced Government/Industry Teaming – A Smart Choice for Future Systems, Mr. Larry Wolfe, The Boeing Company Test and Evaluation

Expanding Automated Test and Re-Engineering Old Processes, Mr. Eric Greene, Raytheon Missile Systems

Changing the DNA of Test and Evaluation, Mr. E. Wyatt Brigham, Test Verification and Planning, Northrop Grumman Test and Evaluation

Track 4: Test and Evaluation in an Agile Environment
Track Chair: Mr. John Schab, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Cheaper, Faster and with Less Risk! Using Distributed Testing to Accelerate T&E Capabilities, Mr. Marty Arnwine, Test Resource Management Center

Measurement Literacy: Knowing what you need to know how to test at the speed of need, Ms. Dana Leaman, NIST and Mr. Jim Smith, Boeing

Building an Agile Test and Evaluation Toolkit, Mr. Garth Girman, Defensive Systems Branch Chief, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Track 5: Improving T&E through Integrated, Accelerated, and Innovative Processes

Track Chair: Mr. Greg Gocal, The Boeing Company, Test and Evaluation

How T&E is Supporting United States Customs and Border Protection’s New and Emerging Technology Program – Closing the Capability Gap with Innovation and Test and Evaluation, Mr. Stephen DeFrank, Jr, ManTech Team, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition

Automated Processes and Tools for Accelerated Test and Evaluation Programs, Mr. Amnon Pollak, W. J. Hughes Technical Center, V&V Strategies & Practice Branch, FAA, and Mr. Steven Oshel, WJHTC, FAA

US Air Force Test Pilot School’s Test Management Project Process: Partnership of Government, Industry, and Academia for Test Projects, Major Clinton Armani, Lt Col Steven Ross, Lt Col Timothy Jorris, USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB

Track 6: Government, Industry, & Academy Partnership to Share and Improve T&E Infrastructure

Track Chair: Mr. Miles Thompson, Georgia Tech Research Institute

On the Development of IT-Based Test Information System to Share Test Infrastructure and Advanced Test Requirement Process for Industry in Korea, Mr. Sung Hyuck Ye, Senior Researcher Defense Systems Test Center Agency for Defense Development, Republic of Korea

Lessons Learned from a Rapid Acquisition Integration and Test Program with Recommendations for Future Programs, Mr. Charles Wentz, Rootstown, Ohio

The Boeing Unmanned Little Bird H-6U Program, Mr. Paul Gambacorta, Flight Test Engineer, The Boeing Company

Track 7:  Recruiting and Training the Test and Evaluation Workforce 

Track Chair: Mr. Pete Crump, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Beyond Test and Evaluation, Mr. Jack Ring, OntoPilot LLC

Succession Planning as a Critical Component of Technical Education, Mr. Robert E. Carey, Jr., Raytheon Air & Missile Defense Systems

Thread-based Integrated Concurrent Engineering (TBICE), Ms. Gina M. Parodi de Reid, The Boeing Company

Track 8: Scientific Principles: Data, Statistics, and Math for Improving the Speed of Testing

Track Chair: Mr. Joseph Bilodeau, The Boeing Company Test and Evaluation

Combining Simulation with Flight Test through Bayesian Inference, Mr. Daniel Carlson, Electronic Warfare Engineer, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base

The Theory of Constraints Project Management: Improving Cost, Schedule, Performance, and Overall Effectiveness, Mr. David G. Smith, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base

Measurement Uncertainty and Why It Is Important to T, Mr. Ben Castillo, 412TENG/ENI, Edwards AFB