7th Cybersecurity Workshop: Solutions to Cybersecurity T&E Challenges (2020)

7th Cybersecurity Workshop: Solutions to Cybersecurity T&E Challenges (2020)

November 17-19,2020 ~ Virtual Workshop 



  • George Rumford – Principal Deputy Director, Department of Defense, Test Resource Management Center
  • Major General Christopher Azzano –Commander, Air Force Test Center
  • Brigadier General Evan Dertien – Director, Air, Space and Cyberspace Operations, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command
  • Amy Henninger, Ph.D. – Senior Advisor for Software and Cybersecurity, DOT&E
  • Bernard “Chip” Ferguson – Deputy Executive Agent, CIO/AO, Cyber Portfolio Lead
  • Brigadier General Scott Cain – Commander, 96 TW
  • Colonel Michael Dooley Commander, 96 Cyberspace Test Group
  • Sarah Standard – Cybersecurity/Interoperability Technical Director OUSD R&E, DDTE&A


T&E Methodology (Part 1)

  • Emerging Cyber Table Top Toolset – Jim Meehan, Trideum
  • Cyber Conditions and Test Tools – Jim Reilly & Rebecca Onuskanich, AFRL, RI
  • Environment for Aviation Cyber T&E – Jeff Poole, Redstone Arsenal

Test Environment (Part 1)

T&E Methodology (Part 2)

Test Environment (Part 2)

  • Cyber Pipelines – Solving Cyber Challenges with Agile Tools – Cody Hartman & Michael Worden, Raytheon
  • Cyber T&E Tools: I’ll Show You Mine if You’ll Show Me Yours; A Realm of Possibility – Paola Pringle, Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division
  • Meeting Cybersecurity Requirements with Your Operational Technology (OT) -Steve Seiden, Tony Barber, PhD and Leighton Johnson, Acquired Data Solutions

Software Test and Assurance

Cyber Test Range

T&E Methodology (Part 3)

Test Environment (Part 3)

TRMC Technical Session

T&E Methodology (Part 4)

Workforce Development

  • Youthful Discretion: Lessons Learned Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Junior Cyber Engineers – Michael Worden, Raytheon
  • Supporting Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Professionals – Taz Daughtrey, Central Virginia Community College