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Test Instrumentation Workshop (TIW)

"Range of the Future"

Proceedings will be uploaded by June 1st. Only ITEA members have access to the past proceedings. Cost for membership is only $45 for govt or $95 for individual. 

Some technical sessions will contain Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Attendance is limited to DoD civilians and DoD contractors who are US citizens.  DoD common access cards (CAC) will be required to be presented and attendees will sign a register at the door prior to admittance. 

FREE Hands-on Lab Exercise

Join us for a free Hands-on Lab exercise while at TIW. The lab will be held on Tue 17 May 1-5pm and Wen 18 May 1-3:30pm. If you want to attend the rest of the workshop registration and payment is required. For more information download this PDF flyer. 

Exhibit and Sponsorship order forms are available! This event will sell out so sign up today to exhibit and/or sponsor. 

Program Overview

At a future test day involving several Major Range and Test Facility Bases(MRTFBs) , at O Dark Thirty, the sleek, autonomous, hypersonic air defense missile burst from its launcher and streaked into the Dark Sky. Within seconds, the weapon acquired the swarm of targets from off-board sensors in the Air, Land, Sea and Space; all communicating through the satellite and terrestrial networks in a multi-domain engagement. The network provides information to other weapon systems at the ready to engage as continuous information from the range instrumentation sensors, depict the success or lack of success of the engagement. This system of system motif assures superior and decisive action against any adversary. Suddenly, the swarming targets make a violent but preprogrammed maneuver to counter the myriad of weapon systems engaging, prompting an associated action in all the system of systems engaging. Range Control Systems automatically merged all range sensor data for the best estimate of trajectory of all players with data coming from Radar, GPS, Optics, Telemetry, and other systems operating in a remote sensing configuration driven by AI, Machine Language, and special data fusion algorithms.  The resultant data was critical for the test range customers’ decision-making processes and validation of their models and simulations as well “for record” evaluations of the individual weapons systems and an integrated multi-Domain holistic evaluation.  At the involved MRTFBs, this complex orchestration of threats, advanced interceptors, and equally advance data collection instrumentation, is just another day at the worlds most sophisticated open-air test capability.

Our theme this year is Range of the Future recognizes the importance of the Services working together in preparing to meet the challenges of the scenario I painted to you above.

Yes, the above is a vision of the future and not yet being done today; but the reality is it is closer than you think and for us to support emerging weapon systems today, we have to accelerate our instrumentation system developments to keep pace and assure readiness in these emerging challenging environments. Understanding emerging technologies is critical to prepare the Range of the Future.

This year’s edition of the Test Instrumentation Workshop will support our need to be alert and aware of all technological developments that may have an impact on our test and evaluation operations. This workshop will discuss selected tenets of the various sensor instrumentation support to include the network, communications, and the massive resultant data. Plenary Discussions, tutorials and technical sessions will lead to a thorough and relevant discourse at this workshop and aid those in attendance, to prepare for the future. 

Please join us at the 2022 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop to share your experiences, lessons learned, and solutions to the problems we face in today’s constrained test and evaluation environments.

This workshop is hosted by the Antelope Valley Chapter located at the center of the Aerospace Testing Universe. 

Plenary Speakers

We are delighted to announce our esteemed speakers! Please check back often as we continue to build our program and add new speakers. 

Brigadier General Matthew Higer,
Commander, 412th Test Wing, Edwards AFB



Major General Evan C. Dertien,
Commander, Air Force Test Center,
Edwards Air Force Base



George Rumford, SES,
Director (acting) and Principal Deputy, Test Resource Management (TRMC)

Hans Miller,
Project Leader, OSD Programs, The MITRE Corporation



Sean McMorrow, SES,
Associate Center Director for Mission Support, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center



Craig Miller,
President, Viasat Government Systems



Tom Dowd,
Director, Ranges / Targets Operations, Instrumentation & Labs, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Naval Air Systems Command

PDF Agenda (updated 4/18)

Pre-Workshop Tutorials

 The following tutorials are being offered on Monday, May 16th from 1-5pm, Tuesday, May 17th from 8:00 – 12:00pm, and 8:00 – 5:00pm. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits will be awarded for completion of the tutorials. A certificate of completion will be provided upon request. 

The fee to attend a 4-hour tutorial is $205 for one 1/2 day, $385 for two 1/2 days, $385 for one FULL day or $565 for 1 full day and 1/2 day. Registration for a tutorial does not require registration for the Conference.

Tutorial Descriptions (PDF)

Monday Afternoon Courses 

  1. Fundamentals of Telemetry Ground Stations
  2. IRIG 106-17 Chapter 7 Packet Telemetry Downlink Basis and Implementation Fundamentals
  3. Telemetry over IP
  4. Troubleshooting Ethernet Data with Wireshark  
  5. 5G NR Specification and System Engineering Aspects
Tuesday Full-Day Courses 

  1. Basics of Aircraft Instrumentation Systems
  2. Test Foundations for Flight Test

Tuesday Morning Courses 

  1. Basic Overview of Telemetry     
  2. Test and Training Solutions with TENA, JMETC, and BDKM


ITEA is a 501(c)(3) professional education association dedicated to the education and advancement of the test and evaluation profession. Registration fees help the Association cover the cost of the Workshop and provide ITEA Chapters with funding for their scholarships and STEM Grants that are used to develop the T&E workforce of tomorrow.



   Tuscany Suites
   255 East Flamingo Rd.
   Las Vegas, NV 89169
   Phone: 702-893-8933/ 1-877-887-2261

ITEA is pleased to offer a special below government per diem rate of $79 per night for Sunday – Thursday, and $149 per night for Friday and Saturday. This property is the host hotel and when making your reservation you must indicate you are with the ITEA workshop. To receive the special rate call 702-893-8933 or click the link below to book your reservation by April 13, 2022. 

Book online at https://www.tuscanylv.com

Also, the hotel will require a deposit of a one night stay, including tax to hold your reservation. This is customary in Las Vegas. Tuscany offers attractive oversized guest ‘Suites,’ and each suite is situated in a lovely European setting that offers a great sense of relaxation and privacy. 

Exhibit Opportunities

Don’t miss your opportunity to exhibit! Commercial, academic, and government exhibits will play an integral part in Workshop. We’ll put you in the right place at the right time. Increase your visibility, network with key players, and show your support and commitment to the  industry and community!

Please submit your Exhibit Application as soon as possible to ensure your get a prime location and that your organization is promoted in The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.

Please contact Lena Moran at Lena@itea.org for additional details.


ITEA is a 501(c)(3) professional education association dedicated to the education and advancement of the test and evaluation profession. Registration fees, membership dues, and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Your sponsorship dollars help defer the cost of the Symposium and support the ITEA scholarship fund, which assists deserving students in their pursuit of academic disciplines related to the test and evaluation profession. Sponsorship and related benefits will become effective on receipt of payment.

NOTE:  This ITEA event is a non-competitive environment meant for a free exchange of ideas and information. 

TIW Sponsorship Form

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Each of the 4-hour Pre-Workshop Tutorials provide 4 contact hours of instruction (4 CPEs) that are directly applicable to your professional development program, including the Certified Test and Evaluation Professional Credential (CTEP).

In addition to the Pre-Workshop Tutorials, the Workshop provides 4 contact hours of instruction (4 CPEs) for each half-day, 8 contact hours of instruction (8 CPEs) for each full-day, or 20 contact hours of instruction (20 CPEs) for attending the full Workshop, that are directly applicable to your professional development program, including the Certified Test and Evaluation Professional Credential (CTEP).

Why Attend

For 40 years the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization, has been advancing the exchange of technical, programmatic, and acquisition information among the test and evaluation community. ITEA members come together to learn and share with others from industry, government, and academia, who are involved with the development and application of the policies and techniques used to assess effectiveness, reliability, interoperability, and safety of existing, legacy, and future technology-based weapon and non-weapon systems and products throughout their life-cycle.

Almost everyone involved with Test and Evaluation has had to deal with accelerated test plans, limited manpower, red tape, broken test articles, and of course, a shrinking budget. However, seldom do the expectations of the customers or the demands on our war-fighters decrease with the corresponding lack of resources. We must accomplish the mission! Our war-fighters, our citizens, our allies, our country depends on it! So, how do we accomplish the mission on a constrained budget? When we are limited to funds that will barely keep us “running”, much less accelerating, what do we do? This is the focus of the 2021 ITEA Test Instrumentation Workshop: Shaping the Future of T&E. We invite you to come and share lessons learned, new solutions (material and non-material) and more efficient.

Our aerospace ranges and test facilities are national assets which utilizes resources that are very relevant to the instrumentation community. Personnel from these facilities attend this event to promote and stimulate technical growth in instrumentation and its allied arts and sciences. This is accomplished through participation in technical forums, educational activities, and technical publications. It is highly recommended that test and instrumentation personnel participate in the event in order keep our mostly commercial-off-the-shelf instrumentation science capabilities (flight test instrumentation, telemetry data acquisition, and data display) at a sufficient state to promote safe and effective test and evaluation. 

Participation in the event ensures that today’s test professionals learn test best practices from industry, other government agencies and partner nations.  Use of advanced commercial instrumentation and measurement in test and evaluation increases safety, reduces cost, schedule and technical risk to the developers to ensure deployment of mission effective and suitable systems that will ultimately benefit the war-fighter. Exposure at events such as these ensures the test professional stays current in its telemetry capabilities to support flight test.

Workshop Committee


Wendy Peterson

Garo Panossian, garo.panossian@us.af.mil
Harry Cooper, JT4, Southern Nevada Chapter

Jim Alich, 412 TW

Lena Moran at Lnpena3@gmail.com

Event Details


16 - 19 May 2022


Tuscany Suites and Conference Center – Las Vegas, NV


PDF Agenda
Tech Program
Printable Registration Form
Online Registration


Platinum & Networking Reception

Pocket Guide & Lunch Sponsor






Location Map


May 16, 2022
May 19, 2022


Tuscany Suites and Conference Center – Las Vegas, NV
255 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169 United States
(702) 893-8933


ITEA Antelope Valley Chapter
Email: christopher.klug.1@us.af.mil
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