Certification Process Overview

Certification Process Overview

Certification- NEW

Interested in earning the only Certification designed specifically for the T&E Community?  The new program offers two versions; Foundational designed for those new (<5 yrs) in the T&E workforce or the Practitioner credential which is more complex and designed for those who have been in the T&E space for many years (>5).  The Board of Examiners identified 4 subject domains and the exam follows this very closely.

Domain I:  Test and Evaluation Planning

Domain II:  T&E Design

Domain III:  Test and Evaluation Execution

Domain IV:  Test Data Analysis, Evaluation and Reporting


Follow the 4-step process below:

FIRST:  Review the Handbook.  All pertinent CTEP information will be found within these pages.  

SECOND: Decide which exam is right for you and complete the application, pay the fee and sign the Code of Ethics form. 

CTEP Certification Application & Fee for  Exam

CTEP Application – $50 ITEA Member ($150 Non-Member) 
CTEP Examination – $250 ITEA Member ($400 Non-Member)presently we are handling this manually please contact us 
CTEP Examination (Retake) – $150
CTEP Recertification – $150 ($250 Non-Member)

CTEP Code of Ethics form

THIRD:  Review and study the reference materials. The thorough list of suggested reading materials submitted by the Board of Examiners can be found in the Handbook.

FINAL:  Plan for your exam.  Once your application has been approved by the board, you will be contacted with details about your unique exam. Before starting the exam you will need to pay the fee.  Upon passing the exam, you will be sent your new credential to display proudly! 


ITEA requires recertification every three (3) years to ensure that certificants maintain currency with the advancements in technology and changes in compliance requirements that occur frequently in test and evaluation profession and related fields. Recertification requires that the certificant demonstrate:

  • Continued full-time employment in T&E; and,
  • Relevant and sufficient continuing professional development/education to maintain currency in T&E.

Complete the Recertification Application and complete the Application Fee.  Once these have been completed and approved, a member of the committee will send you the updated credentials.

CTEP Recertification Application Form

CTEP Recertification Application Fee

(Please request these forms by emailing Kathi@ITEA.org)