The ITEA Journal

The ITEA Journal

About the ITEA Journal 

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation (The ITEA Journal) is the premier publication for the Test and Evaluation industry. First published over 40 years ago, The ITEA Journal remains a leading journal in the field of test and evaluation, earning its stature as an authoritative international voice and eliciting ongoing acclaim for editorial excellence. Engineers, researchers, technicians, and academicians worldwide look to The ITEA Journal for the valuable information they need.

Each issue serves as a forum for authors of treatises on the cutting edge of testing science and technology to enlighten the T&E community. The ITEA Journal brings you the details of developments in this rapidly expanding area of technology long before they are commercial realities.

Archived Issues for Members Only 

The ITEA Journal archives contain an extensive resource collection covering all the developments and trends in the test and evaluation field as they originated and evolved, an unsurpassed treasure trove of information at one’s fingertips! ITEA members receive free, unlimited, online access to the archived issues through their member portal

In Search of an Assistant Editor

Volunteer and become a part of the growing technical Journal

Are you an Early Career T&E Professional looking to be more involved in ITEA? Do you want to expand your professional network while also sharing cutting edge T&E research? Then becoming the Assistant Editor of the ITEA Journal may be a great fit for you to reach your professional goals!

The Assistant Editor for the ITEA Journal will work directly with the Editor-in-Chief, Production and Publishing team for the journal as well as journal authors as an integral part of the journals publication. This role helps to curate the articles for each issue as well as provide input to the publications committee about ideas for future journal issues. This role requires attention to detail and a drive to get the information needed out to engineers, researchers, technicians, and academics working in the T&E space.

The Production Team 

Editor-in-Chief – Keith Joiner, Ph.D.
Editor – Danielle Kauffman
Production – Bob Shinn, Dublin Blue
Art Director – Linda Rapp, Rapp Design  
Publisher – K&E Management

Associate Editors and Members of the ITEA Publications Committee
Clifton Baldwin, Ph.D.
J. Michael Barton, Ph.D.
David Bell, Ph.D.
Eileen Bjorkman, Ph.D.
C. David Brown, Ph.D.
Emonica Davis
Stephen Gordon, Ph.D.
Douglas Hoffelt
Michael Kendra
Mark London, Ph.D.
Ethan Petro
Brett Pokines
Juana Secondine
Sarah Standard
Virginia To
Heather Wojton

The Publications Committee meets quarterly before each issue. Join the Committee by contacting Dr. Keith Joiner

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The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, (ISSN 1054-0229), is published four times each year by the International Test and Evaluation Association, 11350 Random Hills Rd, Suite 800, Fairfax, VA 22030 ( This resource is available to our Members. 

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