Subject Matter Experts and the Board of Examiners

Subject Matter Experts and the Board of Examiners


Overseeing the T&E Professional Certification Credential program and the examination’s development and ongoing administration will be a Board of Examiners (BOE)—a group of volunteer SMEs that are appointed by the Board and meet on a quarterly basis. The BOE shall have the primary responsibility for developing and maintaining the certification examinations, as well as for working in conjunction with psychometric experts to ensure the development and administration of the certification credentialing program. Their responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring the certification examination remains current—working with testing, evaluation, and measurement experts, the BOE shall develop a Table of Specifications for each examination (“Blueprint”) and review the Tables periodically to assure an accurate reflection of knowledge required for proficiency in the field of each certification.
  • Writing and evaluating the exam questions through a team of trained item writers—the BOE may solicit examination items from individuals based on their expertise in the many diverse facets of the T&E profession; these items shall undergo detailed scrutiny by the BOE for technical accuracy, editorial soundness, and adherence to the specifications before being approved for inclusion in the Data Bank of Certification Exam Questions.
  • Maintaining the examination’s integrity—each certification examination test form shall be constructed from the Data Bank based on the percentage of items allocated to each category in the credential’s Blueprint.
  • Ensuring the examinations consist of multiple choice examination questions.
  • Evaluating the reliability and validity of after-test score results from consolidated statistical reports—the pass/fail (cut) scores, which shall be reviewed periodically, shall be determined through methods of statistical sampling and analysis based upon accepted professional testing standards of valid, reliable, and legally defensible exams.

If you would like to serve as a member of the Board of Examiners please contact the Professional Development Committee Chair Pete Christensen. 


Test and evaluation Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are critical to both the development and ongoing enhancements of ITEA’s T&E professional certification credential. SMEs will be recruited from all segments of the T&E community, including representatives from industry, government, and academia, and from various levels within the organization, various types of locations, and a broad range of work performed at those locations.

The SMEs’ effort will be under the guidance of ITEA’s professional certification program and examination expert who has helped other associations to create similar certification programs successfully, and their expertise is used for:

  • Participating in a Job Task Analysis (JTA) that dissects the job of a T&E professional and arrives at a reliable method of describing it across time and people by composing a detailed listing of all the tasks performed on a daily basis.
  • Participating in the development of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) that specifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to perform the tasks identified in the JTA competently by the broad spectrum of T&E professionals in various types of organizations (e.g. commercial, government, DoD), various industries (e.g. consumer products, pharmaceuticals, transportation), and also in other countries.
  • Writing and submitting items/questions for consideration for use in the T&E certification examination.
  • Participating in the pilot testing of the T&E certification examination.
  • Serving as a member of the BOE.

SMEs shall:

  • Be selected based on their ability to make significant contributions in the areas of expertise they represent based on their years of T&E industry expertise;
  • Work within ITEA’s and the pre-selected testing organization’s guidelines; and,
  • Uphold the requirements of confidentiality, assignment, and conflict-of-interest. 

If you would like to participate as a SME, please contact