About ITEA

We are a non-profit, all volunteer, education association for the current and future Test and Evaluation workforce.

The Premier Global Association for Test and Evaluation Professionals

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  • Attend technical training opportunities.
  • Be a part of the solution with ITEA’s Board-level initiatives.
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  • Gain recognition through our T&E Awards Program.
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  • Learn about our Certification Program for T&E professionals.
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  • Support the future T&E workforce through the ITEA scholarship programs.
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History and Purpose

For over 40 years the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization, has been advancing the exchange of technical, programmatic, and acquisition information among the test and evaluation community. ITEA members come together to learn and share with others from industry, government, and academia, who are involved with the development and application of the policies and techniques used to assess effectiveness, reliability, inter-operability, and safety of existing, legacy, and future technology-based weapon and non-weapon systems and products throughout their life cycle.

ITEA members embody a broad and diverse set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that span the full spectrum of the test and evaluation profession. All of which is shared with others through The ITEA Journal–the industry’s premier technical publication for the professional tester–and at ITEA’s Annual International T&E Symposium, regional workshops, education courses, and local Chapter events. Join the thousands of global ITEA members–your peers in the industry–in contributing to the ITEA Journal and participating at ITEA events so that you also can benefit from the opportunities to learn from others, share your knowledge, and help advance the T&E industry.


To be the premier global association for test and evaluation professionals, organizations, and related communities. ITEA’s Vision denes what the Association desires to create and/or to become in the long-term. It provides a long-term focus for the Association, its programs and services, and its resource allocations. It is the image of the future we seek to create.


To advance test and evaluation globally by providing professional development resources, best practices, networking, and learning opportunities for the test and evaluation community. ITEA’s Mission defines the Association’s scope, direction, and emphasis as the Vision is pursued. The Mission is a positioning statement for members, potential members, and related organizations in the short-term. It represents our purpose, reason for being, who we are and what we do.

Board of Directors

The ITEA Board of Directors is comprised of elected and appointed Directors to the Association, who undertake management of the business and affairs of the Association. ITEA has eleven elected positions and up to four additional appointed members. The Board includes a broad spectrum of the T&E community and include representatives from Government, Industry, and Academia. An ancillary goal is that the Board reflects the functional diversity of the T&E community to include members of the technical, management, policy, and analysis sectors. Directors must be members in good standing of ITEA. Annually, the call for nominations and the election process is open to ITEA members in good standing. The ITEA Board of Directors meet quarterly to ensure the Association’s prosperity by collectively directing the company’s affairs, while meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and relevant stakeholders.


Executive Committee:

Chairman of the Board

Mark Phillips, CTEP
Engineering Fellow & Chief Engineer Griffin
HARM & Maverick Weapon
Raytheon Missiles and Defense

Vice Chairman

Dr. Michael Barton
Chief Technologist, Parsons Fellow


Cathy O’Carroll, CTEP
Global Campaign Director, Integrated Test
& Evaluation Organization – QinetiQ


Michael “John” Rafferty, Jr.
B-2 Lead Mission Data Engineer
Civil Service


Joe Bullington
Senior Manager

Terrance “Terry” Clark
Vice President, T&E and Range Support
EWA Government Systems, Inc.

Laurie Cummins
Lone Star Aerospace

Dr. Mark Gillenson
Director, System Testing Excellence Program
at the University of Memphis

Tim Grabert
Nova Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)

Keith Joiner
Senior Lecturer Test and Evaluation and
Aircraft Systems
University of New South Wales, Canberra

Dr. Robin Poston
Associate Provost and Dean
Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies
Southern Methodist University

Steve Seiden
Founder & President
Acquired Data Solutions

Van Sullivan
Trideum Corporation

Dr. Malcolm Tutty
ITEA Southern Cross Chapter Vice President

12 Steve Woffinden

Duard Stephen “Steve” Woffinden
Systems Engineer
General Dynamics Mission Systems

Government Advisors

To assist the Board in achieving its stated goal of including a broad spectrum of the T&E community, including representation from the Government, the Board may appoint from time to time, as the needs of the Board dictate, individuals who are employed by the Government to act as Advisors to the Board.


Department of Homeland Security

Department of Defense, Operational Test and Evaluation


ITEA honors those who have served this association through the years. Their dedication to the success and mission of ITEA is a true testament to their commitment to the well-being of an entire industry.

2023-2023 Tim Morey
2022-2023 Bruce Einfalt
2020-2021 Pete Crump
2018-2019 William Keegan
2016-2017 B. Gene Hudgins
2014-2015 Charles “Chas” Mckee
2012-2013 Mark D. Brown, Phd.
2011-2011 Stephanie Clewer
2010-2010 Russell “Rusty” Roberts
2008-2009 John Smith
2006-2007 Thomas J. Macdonald
2005-2005 Robert F. Fuller
2003-2004 Gary L. Bridgewater

2001-2002 John B. Foulkes, Phd.
2000-2000 John V. Bolino
1999-1999 John F. Gehrig
1998-1998 Patricia A. Sanders, Phd.
1996-1997 Donald R. Greenlee
1994-1995 Marion Williams, Phd.
1992-1993 Matthew T. Reynolds
1990-1991 Robert W. Klementz
1988-1989 Ralph F. Wetzl
1986-1987 John V. Bolino
1984-1985 Bradford S. Granum
1982-1983 Charles K. Watt, Phd.
1980-1981 Allen R. Matthews, Phd.

Professional T&E Awards

ITEA is proud to honor those who advance Test and Evaluation through their outstanding contributions to the T&E profession. We also recognize individuals for their volunteering effort and contributions to the Association. Recognize a colleague, employee, or a team – It’s time to acknowledge the outstanding work they achieved. 

Call for Nominations Open until August 15, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always thankful to our enthusiastic and thoughtful volunteers who make a difference for ITEA. If you find any one of these committees of interest, we would ask that you contact us to learnmore. info@itea.org. Chair positions and member positions are always available!

Awards Committee. Conducts T&E Professional Awards program to include reading through nominations, making sure they have met criteria and eligibility requirements, to being a part of the planning and execution of the Awards program at our Annual International Symposium each year.

Chapter Development and Individual Membership Committee. Develops strategies for individual membership growth and chapter development.

Corporate Development Committee. Develops strategies for corporate membership growth and maintains liaison with ITEA corporate members.

Events Committee. Plans, schedules, and supports a multi-year calendar of ITEA-sponsored and co-sponsored symposia, workshops, and conferences. Members of this committee will assist in the planning and execution of the workshops and symposia. This committee has many roles for each event hosted by ITEA.

History Committee. Documents the history of ITEA and specific issues, problems, and developments in the field of test and evaluation.

Professional Development Committee. Plans and develops professional development programs and education curriculums in T&E that increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of ITEA members, advance the field of T&E, and elevate the status of the T&E professional. This committee also manages the ITEA Certification Program.

Publications Committee. Develops and maintains a formal publications program including publishing quarterly The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation and sponsors publications concerning test and evaluation.

The management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Test and Evaluation community, business management, event planning, and strategic analysis. The executive team manages the operations of ITEA and serves the Board of Directors in support of their initiatives.

Bringing valuable skills and knowledge, the team divides up the responsibilities of running the association and is your point of contact for most inquiries.