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We are the Premier Global Association for Test and Evaluation Professionals – Join us!

• Advance your career.
• Attend technical training opportunities.
• Be a part of the solution with ITEA’s Board-level initiatives.
• Demonstrate your industry knowledge.
• Gain recognition through our T&E Awards Program.
• Keep your skills fresh and relevant for your professional development.
• Learn about our Certification Program for T&E professionals.
• Learn more with our resources through our technical Journal of Test & Evaluation.
• Network and collaborate with colleagues and customers.
• Support the future T&E workforce through the ITEA scholarship programs.
• Volunteer on a committee.

History and Purpose 

For over 40 years the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization, has been advancing the exchange of technical, programmatic, and acquisition information among the test and evaluation community. ITEA members come together to learn and share with others from industry, government, and academia, who are involved with the development and application of the policies and techniques used to assess effectiveness, reliability, inter-operability, and safety of existing, legacy, and future technology-based weapon and non-weapon systems and products throughout their life-cycle.

ITEA members embody a broad and diverse set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that span the full spectrum of the test and evaluation profession. All of which is shared with others through The ITEA Journal–the industry’s premier technical publication for the professional tester–and at ITEA’s Annual International T&E Symposium, regional workshops, education courses, and local Chapter events. Join the thousands of global ITEA members–your peers in the industry–in contributing to the ITEA Journal and participating at ITEA events so that you also can benefit from the opportunities to learn from others, share your knowledge, and help advance the T&E industry.

Professional Ethics and FAQs