Emerald Coast Chapter

Emerald Coast Chapter

Chapter Region: Southeast Region
President Name: Mr. Rich Wride
Address:  Post Office Box 1584, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida 32542
Email:  eccitea@itea.org

Mission Statement:


The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), headquartered in the United States and incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1980, is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to furthering the professional and technical interests of the test and evaluation community. World-wide, ITEA is the leading association for professionals in the field of test and evaluation.


  1. Provide an organization for individuals who have a common interest in the discipline of test and evaluation and who wish to foster, preserve, and advance the art and science of test and evaluation
  2. Provide for the exchange of ideas and information in the field of test and evaluation
  3. Conduct professional meetings, including symposia, seminars, workshops, and courses on the technology and management involved in the field of test and evaluation
  4. Promote education in the field of test and evaluation by conducting symposia, seminars, workshops, and courses in the theory and practice of test and evaluation
  5. Support and promote the development and advancement of the state of the art in test and evaluation in allied branches of science, technology, and management
  6. Promote in related organizations, including government, industry, academia, and professional societies, the development of the state of the art in test and evaluation
  7. Recognize advances in, and contributions to, testing and evaluation
  8. Document the history of test and evaluation
  9. Fittingly commemorate the achievements of persons who have made substantial contributions to the field of test and evaluation
  10. Sponsor publications concerning test and evaluation

Officers Names and Committees

President: Richard “Rich” Wride
President Elect: Catherine “Kate” Snow
Past President: Gene Hudgins
Secretary: Josh Tunier
Treasurer:  D. M. “Buff” Tibbetts

Board of Directors:
John Rafferty (2019-2020)
James Baird (2019-2020)
Steve Schrader (2019-2020)
Christopher “Hoser” Connelly (2020-2021)
Scott “Gunner” Thompson (2020-2021)
Louise M. Coulter (2020-2021)

Committee Chairs:
Awards – Mr. Scott Thompson
Education – Mr. Kevin Burns
Program – Mr. Chris Brunson
Publication – Mr. Brian Thibodeau
Membership – Mr. Josh Martin
Election Chair -Mr. Ron Higdon

Chapter Scholarship Program Information

Graduating High School Seniors,

Part of the International Test and Evaluation Association’s (ITEA) charter is to further interest in science and engineering through familiarization with the career field of ground and flight test and evaluation.  Additional information about our organization and this program can be found here.

The Emerald Coast Chapter (ECC) of ITEA promotes this endeavor by offering scholarships to college-bound, graduating seniors.  Award of these scholarships will be based on academic achievement, leadership; extracurricular and community activities; demonstration of a basic knowledge of test and evaluation; as well as overall communication skills.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens; full time students; and residents of Okaloosa, Walton, or Santa Rosa County for the entire academic year of application. Even with an ongoing pandemic, for AY21-22, we were able to award four scholarships totaling $2500.

Accompanying this notification is the scholarship application, as well as more in-depth scholarship program information; both available for download.  These documents should also be posted on your school’s web site.

The scholarship application should be completed and returned to ECC ITEA either electronically or via the US Postal Service (instructions are on the bottom of the application) by March 1, 2023.  Time permitting, ITEA encourages guidance departments to review applications prior to submittal, but students are authorized to submit applications directly to ECC ITEA.

Guidance Departments will be notified if you are selected.  At the discretion of your high school, ECC ITEA will be happy to provide a representative to announce this selection at your school’s end-of-year awards program.  The monetary stipend itself will be sent directly to the recipient’s college registrar through ITEA National by the start of the fall semester.

If I can answer any questions, please call me at 850-882-0800 (work); 850-582-6063 (cell); or send me an email request at burnskp@cox.net.


ECC ITEA Education Chair

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • 11:30am, the 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Building 260, Conference Room 202
  • Members are welcome to attend