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Are you a Certified T&E Professional?

Have you tried to compete for a contract only to be told your key personnel need to be certified in T&E?  What are you waiting for? Be prepared!

Do you want to test your knowledge and advance in your career? Whether you are new to T&E or have invested many years in this field, it’s time to develop, maintain, and increase your knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills, and professional performance standards.

ITEA offers short courses that are directly mapped to our CTEP certification and the 4 domains that have been identified by our Board of Examiners. These courses are designed to help train new T&E’rs or fill the knowledge gaps for those in need, our courses cover the spectrum.

Domain I: Test and Evaluation Planning
Domain II: T&E Design
Domain III: Test and Evaluation Execution
Domain IV: Test Data Analysis, Evaluation and Reporting


Host a Short Course: Two and three-day courses are offered to you through your own organization’s training office – whether in government or industry, we have a model that fits your needs. Our course offerings are online and face-to-face, and we offer case studies that fit your organization’s training needs and prepare you to take the CTEP exam. Contact your training office today and ask them to reach out to us!

Attend Workshops & Tutorials: Workshops allow you to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to complete a specific task. ITEA hosts several through the year with relevant topics on Cybersecurity, Directed Energy, Test Instrumentation, and Multi-Domain Operations. Challenge yourself to attend and learn something new. You will receive a certificate of completion for attending the 4-hour tutorials that are offered prior to the start of the workshops. See our Events page for all the details.

Dial into a Webinar: We offer webinars called, the Lunch & Learn Series where you spend your lunch with us, online, listening and interacting with our guest lecturer on relevant T&E topics. This is not an infomercial – it is 45 minutes of technically sound presentation with a Q&A session at the end.


Present at a Workshop: Bring your knowledge to the community by submitting an abstract from a call for papers from any one of our outstanding technical programs. Gain visibility within the community and reach your colleagues and peers through interactions in a professional setting. Your organization will benefit from you participation too.

Become a Tutorial Instructor: Take your knowledge a step further and produce a 4-hour tutorial for the attendees at our workshops. Be a leader in the industry and teach those who want to earn their Continuing Education Units!

Host a Webinar: Do you have a topic that will resonate with our members? Get on the docket and present your session during our Lunch & Learn Series.


Get Certified: Certifications are designated credentials earned by an individual to verify their competency to perform a job. And while not all certifications are created equal, they do provide assurance of professional competence in tandem with a professional degree or work experience. ITEA challenges you to step up and display your dedication to your profession and provide verification that you’re well-trained to effectively use the tools of your industry. Give yourself a head start that your competition may not have and see if you have what it takes to pass the 4-hour exam and have the CTEP credentials after your name!

Earn Education Units:  When you attend an ITEA workshop or 4-hour pre-workshop tutorial, you earn education units for your professional development training goals.