2011 ITEA Professional Awards

2011 ITEA Professional Awards

Special awards luncheon honors individuals, groups, and ITEA Chapters that have made significant contributions to advancing the test and evaluation (T&E) profession.

The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) annually presents six (6) Professional T&E Awards to individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to advancing the test and evaluation profession. In addition, ITEA also presents the Board of Directors’ Award, the President’s Award, Energizer Award, the Chapter of Excellence Awards, and the Chapter of the Year Award to recognize individuals and Chapters for their significant contributions to the Association.

At the 2011 awards luncheon, Ms. Stephanie Clewer, ITEA Board President, Mr. Al Sciarretta, ITEA Awards Committee Chair, and Mr. Keith Sutton, ITEA Chapter and Individual Membership Committee Chair, led a special ceremony recognizing the recipients of 2011 ITEA Awards during the 2011 Annual Symposium, which was held at the Doubletree Hotel at Universal Studios, in Orlando, Florida. Please join ITEA and others involved in the test and evaluation industry in congratulating the following 2011 award recipients.

ALLEN R. MATTHEWS AWARD –  John B. Foulkes, Ph.D. 
The Allen R. Matthews Award was established in honor of ITEA’s founder. The award is presented to an individual for a lasting, significant contribution to the field of T&E, such as the cumulative effect of a distinguished career. It is the highest award bestowed by ITEA. Over a 30 year distinguished professional career, Dr. John B. Foulkes has made outstanding and lasting contributions to the Test and Evaluation (T&E) community. He has been directly involved in all facets of T&E ranging from hands-on analytical support thru T&E policy and budget development, and has provided oversight of major defense systems and matters pertaining to the strategic planning and assessment of the nation’s critical test range infrastructure. His enormous impact on the T&E community goes beyond government defense, and into academia and the technical association sector. He has, throughout his career, taught the next generation the nuances of T&E and has served as an avid and persistent leader within ITEA. Dr. Foulkes has provided exemplary service to the Department of Defense in support of the T&E mission. He provided executive leadership at the command level within the Office of the Secretary of Defense and previously for the Department of the Army. In support of the Army, his accomplishments include the consolidation of testing organizations that resulted in instituting better business practices together with preserving critical personnel. Dr. Foulkes’ contributions while leading the TRMC are the highlight of a career focused on T&E, and his dedication reflects in the enormous body of work accomplished under his direction. His management of the Joint Investment Programs and Policy Division is setting standards for how T&E will be supported in the future. In addition, he was responsible for ensuring the DoD Test Infrastructure is available and ready to support acquisition programs, ensuring Department-wide test infrastructure planning and investment is in place to support future acquisition needs, and proactively federating DoD test infrastructure requirements across Government and Industry boundaries. The ITEA organization and its members salute Dr. Foulkes’ career and contributions by presenting him with this award.

The Board of Directors Award, established in 1997, is presented to an individual who has contributed to the growth, development, goals, and mission of the Association. The ITEA Board of Directors Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the growth, development, goals, and mission of the Association. For over 16 years, Mark has served ITEA in a selfless manner in various capacities at both the local and international levels. He is a past Vice President of the Roadrunner Chapter, served panel chair, guest speaker, and tutorial instructor at a variety of workshops, and as Technical Chair for the 2002 and 2005 Annual Symposiums. Mark was elected to the ITEA Board of Directors in 2006, serving two consecutive terms from 2006-2012. He distinguished himself by serving as the Chairman of the Chapter and Individual Membership Development Committee from 2006-2010. Mark revitalized the committee by spearheading a number of initiatives to achieve ITEA’s strategic goals and to improve vertical and horizontal communications throughout the Association to include: establishing quarterly Chapter President teleconferences and chapter leadership and international participant meetings at annual symposiums; developing and implementing metrics and guidelines to gage chapter vibrancy and revamped the annual chapter recognition program accordingly; and played an instrumental role in developing a Chapter President’s Handbook. On top of these numerous accomplishments, Mark also readily volunteered for a remarkable number of “other duties as assigned” while burdened with a heavy workload, both professionally and personally. He recently led a vital Revenue Action Team and played a very active role in the development of the current ITEA Strategic Plan. Since joining the Association, Mark has consistently embraced involvement at every level and, through his many efforts, contributed greatly to the stability and future of ITEA. To say that Mark is a model volunteer and ITEA member would be an understatement. His professionalism and integrity serves as a model that many of us strive for. For that, it is with great pleasure and sincere humbleness that the 2011 ITEA Board of Directors Award is presented to Mr. Mark Smith.

ITEA PRESIDENT’S AWARD – Mr. Randon R. Herrin 
The President’s Award was established in 1996 to give the president of ITEA the prerogative of acknowledging individuals whom he or she deems worthy of recognition. The President’s Award is reserved for an individual who selflessly steps up to assist the president in the execution of the organization’s goals and missions. Improving the quality and relevance of our educational offerings is a key goal in the ITEA Strategic Plan, and ensuring the relevancy of ITEA’s educational offerings was President Clewer’s primary focus. The Association was extremely lucky to have Randy as the Education Chair to “carry the flag”, so to speak, with incredible passion. In spite of significant demands on his time, both professionally and personally, he selflessly achieved more this year than was even hoped. During this time, Randy proactively revamped the Education Committee, facilitated a member survey, and began forging partnerships within the test and evaluation and academic communities that I am certain will enable the Association to meet and exceed the Strategic Plan goals for education. ITEA’s success relies heavily on the sheer hard work and determination of our volunteers and Randy definitely went above and beyond. It is with great pleasure that Randy is presented with the 2011 ITEA President’s Award for laying the groundwork to ensure ITEA is postured to equip our T&E workforce with the skills and training required to face emerging challenges. Thank you, Randy, for a job well done!

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Dragon Spear Combined Test Force, Eglin Air Force Base 
The 2011 Special Achievement Award The Dragon Spear Combined Test Force, 780th Test Squadron, 46th Operations Group, 46thTest Wing, Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida distinguished itself in outstanding service to the United States from 1 August 2010 to 31 May 2011. In order to meet the urgent warfighter need for an enhanced precision strike capability, Special Operations Command made the Dragon Spear Test Program its number one acquisition initiative. A lean core team was formed to expedite parallel development of multiple aircraft systems. The delivery of 12 MC-130W aircraft fitted with multiple precision strike munitions options, enhanced Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, and a 30 millimeter gun system provided close air support for troops in contact. These capabilities were delivered ahead of schedule while exceeding performance expectations. The spin-off capabilities provided to Department of Defense units have bolstered daily combat capability in direct support of both Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn. A final surge of 34 missions in 61 days delivered a highly precise weapon system, allowing the high value target-kill chain to be cut from hours to minutes. The professionalism and devotion to duty of the test force members reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Special Achievement Award is presented to the Dragon Spear Combined Test Force Team.

RICHARD G. CROSS AWARD – Mr. J. James McCue, U.S. Naval Test Pilot School  
The Richard G. Cross Award is presented to Mr. J. James McCue in recognition of outstanding achievements in the development and administration of T&E education. This year, Mr. McCue provided over 200 hours of classroom instruction. He has spent the year updating his performance model. The model and associated computer program used for performance data reduction was created by Mr. McCue and has become a widely accepted model throughout the U.S military test community. His constant adaptation to modern challenges and the incorporation of the product of those efforts into the syllabus have a lasting effect on the quality of instruction and the students. In addition to supporting the Test Pilot School’s main curricula, Mr. McCue developed lectures and courses specifically targeted at certain issues to aid Navy and Marine Corps test program development. Mr. McCue’s work and instruction on high altitude helicopter performance issues and compensation strategies for operations of heavy helicopters in both extreme hot and cold environments had an immediate impact in preparing Navy and Marine Corps aircrews deploying to Afghanistan for their demanding assignment. Mr. McCue’s tireless devotion to development and administration of T&E education reflects great credit upon himself, the US Naval Test Pilot School, and the US Navy. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Richard G. Cross Award is presented to Mr. J. James McCue.

PUBLICATIONS AWARD – Dr. Roy Campbell, Mr. Tim Owen, and Mr. Rob Scott, DoD 
High Performance Computing Modernization Program The Publications Award is presented to Dr. Roy Campbell, Mr. Tim Owen and Mr. Rob Scott for their outstanding contribution to the written body of knowledge and understanding in Test and Evaluation as the co-authors of, “Joint Sensor: Security Test and Evaluation Embedded in a Production Network Sensor Cloud” published in the December 2010 issue of The ITEA Journal. In this article, the authors explain the limitations with traditional approaches to network security. The article reveals innovation and insight in merging research and development with production networks to realize more timely technology insertion while ensuring greater cyber security. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Publications Award is presented to Dr. Roy Campbell in recognition of his significant contribution to test and evaluation literature.

TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Urgent Operational Needs Weapons Analysis Facility Study Team, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division – Newport  
It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Technical Achievement Award is presented to the Urgent Operational Needs (UON) Weapons Analysis Facility (WAF) Study Team of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport for its diligently executed response to an Anti-Submarine Warfare UON statement from Commander, Fifth Fleet. Team members conducted a modeling and simulation (M&S) study to assess heavyweight and lightweight torpedo performance in an emerging threat scenario of high interest to the Submarine Fleet utilizing Division Newport’s high-fidelity, hardware-in-the-loop Weapons Analysis Facility (WAF). Evaluating both current Fleet and newer, developmental torpedo variants side-by-side under exactly the same conditions, the team gathered meaningful weapon effectiveness comparison data and identified areas where future torpedo changes could improve performance. This highly dedicated, innovative, and extremely responsive team pursued answers to an urgent Fleet need in a high-tempo, short-deadline situation. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Special Achievement Award be presented to the UON WAF Study Team.

JUNIOR ACHIEVER AWARD – Captain Travis Bryce, AWACS Joint Test Force  
Captain Bryce distinguished himself through outstanding service as the Deputy Chief for flight test at the E-3 Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) Joint Test Force, Aerial Air Surveillance Division, Electronic Systems Center, Seattle, Washington from 1 January – 31 December 2010. Captain Bryce skillfully and tirelessly supported seven AWACS test programs; accumulating 15 test sorties and 97.1 flight hours, and becoming a designated instructor Test Director. These programs include Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Replacement of Avionics for Global Operation and Navigation, Transitional Network Capability (TNC), Advanced Modern Electronic Warfare, Next Generation Identification Friend or Foe, AWACS Block 40/45 mission system upgrade, E-3 AWACS, Rivet Joint net centric demo, and Japan Air Self-Defense Force E-767 AWACS. Capt Bryce’s superb skill allowed the delivery of TNC two months early and $300K under cost, and seamless transition of the Japanese E-767 AWACS to flight test. The test data that Capt Bryce collected provided top DoD officials to make acquisition decisions on programs totaling over $680M and allowed AWACS operators to develop tactics to defeat advanced electronic attack. The distinctive accomplishments of Captain Bryce reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Junior Achiever Award is presented to Captain Travis Bryce.

ENERGIZER AWARD – Ms. Leigh Christian, Amtec Corporation  
The Energizer Award is presented to Ms. Leigh Christian for her tireless efforts both at a local and national level in both ITEA and in the Test and Evaluation community. She has served as the ITEA President for the Huntsville Rocket City Chapter (RCC) since 2009, and immediately upon joining ITEA in 2005 she was instated as the Vice President of Programs. During her involvement with ITEA RCC, attendance at meetings increased threefold; she nominated two members of the Huntsville chapter to serve as officers on the National ITEA Board; she coordinates ITEA meetings jointly with other local groups’ meetings, such as Rocket City LabVIEW User’s Group, Women in Defense, and others; exposing many others in the T&E community to ITEA. A member of the ITEA Chapter of Excellence award and the only non-LabVIEW user to be awarded LabVIEW Champion, representing ITEA at the Huntsville Association of Technical Societies as secretary, and assisting with ITEA tutorials at Test Week, the impact Mrs. Christian has is clear on the Huntsville T&E community. Her dedication to each of her responsibilities does not waver, weaving together seamlessly a professional and positive, upbeat attitude. Under her leadership, the ITEA Rocket City Chapter has established a local education committee and is working closely with Redstone Test Center team and Defense Acquisition University to formulate a path for T&E courses in conjunction with ITEA. It is with great pleasure that the 2011 ITEA Energizer Award is presented to Ms. Leigh Christian.