Allen R. Matthews Award

Allen R. Matthews Award

Description: The Allen R. Matthews Award was established in honor of ITEA’s founder. The award is presented to an individual for a lasting, significant contribution to the field of T&E, such as the cumulative effect of a distinguished career. It is the highest award bestowed by ITEA.

Eligibility: The recipient must be a member of ITEA, and contributions to other professional technical associations with a connection to T&E will also be considered in the selection process. Teams, organizations, or institutions are not eligible for this award.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Length of time over which contributions have been made.
  2. Impact of contributions to T&E and its community.
  3. Significant achievements that benefited a professional technical association (e.g. ITEA, ITC, AIAA, NDIA) as a result of an office held or committee involvement.
  4. Services performed that enhance and strengthen the profession of T&E.

Past Recipients

1990 – Allen R. Matthews (posthumously)
1991 – James A. Means, PhD
1992 – Walter W. Hollis
1993 – Charles E. “Pete” Adolph
1994 – Lt Gen Howard W. Leaf, USAF
1995 – Marion L. Williams, PhD
1996 – Richard R. Ledesma
1997 – Ralph Wetzl
1998 – Patricia A. Sanders, PhD
1999 – John M. Rampy
2000 – Honorable Philip E. Coyle, III
2001 – John F. Gehrig
2002 – Matthew T. Reynolds
2003 – John V. Bolino
2004 – Paul K. Arthur
2005 – Charles K. Watt, PhD
2006 – Eugene Law
2007 – George R. Ryan, Jr.
2008 – Charles E. McQueary, PhD

2009 – Ernst A. Seglie, PhD
2010 – James J. Streilein, PhD
2011 – John B. Foulkes, PhD
2012 – Thomas R. Berard
2013 – Joseph Durham, PhD
2014William E. Schane
2015 – H. Steven Kimmel, PhD
2016C. David Brown, PhD
2017David W. Duma
2018 – Edward Greer
2019 – Steven Hutchison, PhD
2020 – Bernard ‘Chip’ Ferguson
2021 – Kenneth G. LeSueur
2022 – Darryl K. Ahner, PE, PhD