Technical Achievement Award

Technical Achievement Award

Description: The Technical Achievement Award recognizes an individual or team for outstanding achievement in applying  instrumentation, information technology, modeling and simulation, time-space-positioning information, electro-optics technology, or other T&E technology to cause a T&E program to be better, faster, and less expensive.

Eligibility: ITEA membership is not a requirement for eligibility, but will be considered during the Committee’s selection process. Any individual or team associated with test is eligible to receive the award.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. The innovative use of the technology (describe the technology and how it was applied).
  2. Benefit to the T&E customer in terms of test performance, schedule, and cost.
  3. Increase in information to the T&E customer.

Past Recipients

2001 – Kenneth G. Thomas, Maria D. Grider and Major Maxwell M. Chi, USAF (M&S)
2002 – Robert S. Heirs, Robert S. Heirs, III and Daniel R. Catalano (TI)
2003 – Communications and Information Division, Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center (IT)
2004 – B-1B Electronic Warfare Test Team, Eglin Air Force Base (M&S)
2005 – Air Force Research Lab Missile Live Fire Team, Kirtland Air Force Base (TI)
2006 – Common Broadband Sonar System (CBASS) Real Time Recorder Team, Naval Undersea Warfare Center – Newport (IT)
2007 – The Alternate Live Fire T&E Development Test Team, 653 Aeronautical Systems Squadron, Wright Patterson AFB (M&S)
2008 – Duan Tran, NSWC (TI)
2009 – Patuxent River Infrared Signature Measurement (PRISM) Coyote Test Team

2010 – MAJ Benjamin C. Both, USAF
2011 – Urgent Operational Needs Weapons Analysis Facility Study Team
2012 – 1st LT Katelyn Aggas
2013 – Flow-Induced Vibration Analysis & Measurement Team
2014 – Directed Energy Sensors and Instrumentation Integration Team
2015 – Michael Hale, PhD
2017 – Command and Control Integration (C2I) Team Joint Staff J6, C4 Assessments Division
2018 – Aerial Refueling Receiver Simulator Tool Team – JT4
2019 – Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Big Data Analytics (BDA) Team, Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)
2020 – The John Akers Global Positioning System Solution (JAGS) Team
2021 – Dr. Peter L. Wick, Jr.
2022 – Life Support System Scientific Test Analysis and
Qualification Team