Proceedings 2012 System-of-Systems

Proceedings 2012 System-of-Systems




Systems Engineering Panel
Moderator: Dr. Regina Griego, Sandia National Laboratories

Distributed Testing of Systems-of-Systems Panel
Moderator: Mr. Chip Ferguson, JMETC PM, TRMC 

  • Mr. Byron Baker, Chief, C2 Battlespace Awareness Portfolio, JITC
  • Mr. Darrell Schultz, MSIT Leader, MARFORSYSCOM
  • Lt. Col. ‘Skip’ Stoltz, Commander, 46 Test Squadron, Eglin AFB
  • COL Dave Wellons, USA Director, Integrated Test & Evaluation Directorate

“Test as We Operate” Panel
Moderator: Mr. Kevin Knudsen, Systems Test Capability Leader, The Boeing Company

  • RADM David A. Dunaway, Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force
  • Dr. John Goodenough, Carnegie Mellon University, Fellow of the ACM and SEI
  • Ms. Maureen Molz, FAA Manager of the V&V Strategies and Practices Team
  • Mr. Jeff Thoman, Manager, Integration Test Range, The Boeing Company
  • Mr. John Varljen, Director, Test Engineering & ATLO Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Special Two-Star Panel 
Moderator: Mr. David Jimenez, Technical Director, AEC

  • MG Genaro J. Dellarocco, USA, Commander, ATEC
  • RADM David A. Dunaway, Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation
  • Maj. Gen. David J. Eichhorn, Commander, AFOTEC


Track I.  Systems Engineering
Chair: Mr. John Thomas, Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Rapid IT Acquisition and T&E, Vikram Chauhan, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  • Agile Process and NIE Impacts on Future T&E, Colonel Dave Wellons, Dir, Integrated Test & Evaluation Directorate 
  • Best Practices Model for System-of-Systems System Engineering and T&E, Robert Heilman, T&E Science and Technology Division, Test Resources Management Center
  • System-of-Systems Readiness Assessment, Antonio Pizzarello, OntoPilot LLC
  • Evaluating Leading Indicators: Tools for Systems Engineers, Shawn S. Smith, Ph.D., L-3 C2S2
  • Perspectives for Army’s Strategic Evaluation of Dynamic Spectrum Access, Paul  Hargis, Electronic Proving Ground, U.S. Army Test & Evaluation Command

Track II.  Distributed Testing
Chair: Mr. Chip Ferguson, JMETC, TRMC

  • Distributed Testing during the Joint Surface Warfare, Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration, Ed Romero, NAVAIR T&E
  • Mission-Level Interoperability and Computer Network Defense T&E using the Interoperability Test and Evaluation Capability (InterTEC) Suite of Tools, James Ledin, Director, InterTEC 
  • Battlefield Airborne Communications Network , Jesse Flores, 46 Test Squadron, Eglin AFB
  • Decoupled Testing of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) Element-level Components to Support Joint Interoperability Assessment/Characterization of the BMDS System-of-Systems, Robin Murray, Joint Interoperability Test Command
  • Changing the Current Testing Paradigm.  Steve Woffinden, General Dynamics C4 Systems
  • Net-Enabled Test Environment: a Federated Approach to Establishing an Inter-agency Test Environment for Net-Centric Information Sharing, Germaine Forbes, U.S. Air Force SAF/ CIO A6A Air Traffic Services Directorate
  • The Fully Integrated Architectural & Visualization Suite.  JD Lock, USA, PEO-C3T
  • Urban Environment Emulation:  Bringing the Real World Environment to the Test Bench, Noe Duarte, C.S. Draper Laboratory Yuma Proving Ground

Track III.  Net-Centricity

Chair: Mr. Tom Deselms, Wyle

Track IV.  Model-Based T&E

Chair: Mark J. Kiemele, Ph.D., Air Academy Associates