The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation 

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation 

Call for Articles

The International Test and Evaluation Association’s Publications Committee, chaired by Dr. Keith Joiner, CSC, CPPD, CPEng, Editor of The ITEA Journal, request your submissions for 2024.


  • Test and evaluation technology.
  • Test and evaluation research.
  • Test and evaluation values, such as:
    • Independent (i.e., reducing bias),
    • Timely (i.e., early enough to reduce costly changes),
    • Scoped (i.e., so test resources are allocated),
    • Planned (i.e., engaging & sustaining stakeholders, currency),
    • Representative (i.e., of mission, users & environment),
    • Statistically Designed, (i.e., efficient, balanced, defensible),
    • Modelled (i.e., linked to timely, increasingly needed for defensible),
    • Measured (i.e., KPIs),
    • Supportable (i.e., includes wherewithal through life)
  • Initiatives in organizational policy and processes for test and evaluation, especially to deal with complexity, new technology, digitization, and AI.
  • Test design and analysis techniques (i.e., design of experiments, scientific test and analysis techniques, combinatorial approaches).
  • Interviews with emeritus or people new to test and evaluation.
  • Overviews of ITEA test forums by organizers or keen participants.
  • Chapter news.
  • Book reviews within textbooks or films concerning test and evaluation (such as


  • Interviews.  Keep to about five to eight pages for emeritus and two to three pages for new people. Include up to four to five pictures.
  • Book reviews, film reviews, Forum Summaries and Chapter News. Anywhere from one to five pages.
  • Articles. Please aim for five to ten pages. Articles will reviewed by at least the Editor. Lead authors may request additional peer review and acknowledgement of the review if required.
  • NEW! Extended Posters. A forum poster with four to five exploded views and an edited transcript of your explanation from the event. 
  • NEW! Extended Presentations.  Based upon copies of the slides (about 10-20) with an edited transcript of your presentation between slides. Please space the transcript text between slides and label each slide.
  • Notices. The format is flexible; however, please explain the terms used to a wide audience.

Many of these formats are new to encourage wider and easier submissions. Authors are encouraged to be innovative and work with the editorial staff to help get excellent news and developments to our readership and promote ITEA.