Upcoming Issue Themes for The ITEA Journal

Upcoming Issue Themes for The ITEA Journal - Submissions to Steve "Flash" Gordon, ITEA forum | International Test and Evaluation Association

Cyber T&E – Testing for Resilience
December 2022 (Issue 43 – Vol 4)
How has the practice of cyber T&E changed since its inception? What are the current best practices? Given the ever present threat, how can we test for resilience of systems and capabilities to evolving cyberspace threats? Articles addressing these topics and cases studies showing best practices are invited to submit. (Manuscript Deadline: September 1, 2022)

Test and Evaluation Across the Acquisition Life Cycle
March 2023 (Issue 44 – Vol 1)
For new and emerging technologies when should a T&E program start and end? How has integrated testing evolved over the years? What is the impact of the “Shift Left” initiative? Is there a role for T&E in fielded systems? Please consider submitting articles discussing T&E best practices and approaches across the full life cycle of a system from requirements development to deployment and beyond. (Manuscript Deadline: December 1, 2022)

Test the Way We Operate – Best Practices and Lesson Learned
June 2023 (Issue 44 – Vol 2)
Testing in environments that reflect how systems will be used in operation provides an unbiased assessment of performance. This issue will showcase best practices and lessons learned from testing in realistic environments. Articles that include examples of how digital engineering can be used to create realistic environments and what realistic environments entail for machine learning and artificial intelligence enabled systems are also of interest.(Manuscript Deadline: March 1, 2023)

DATAWorks Special Issue
September 2023 (Issue 44 – Vol 3)

The Defense and Aerospace Test and Analysis (DATA) Workshop is a workshop strategically designed to strengthen the community by applying rigorous statistical approaches to test design and data analysis in the fields of defense and aerospace. This issue will highlight technical articles from the 2023 issue of DATAWorks. Articles that showcase rigorous statistical approaches to test design and data analysis are also welcome in this issue. (Manuscript Deadline: June 1, 2023)

T&E for Emerging Technologies
December 2023 (Issue 44 – Vol 4)

Technologies are rapidly evolving and software is providing novel capabilities in everything from radar to future communication systems. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide new capabilities to reprogrammable technologies. In this issue we will highlight technical articles for systems designed to change over time including Future G, reprogrammable radars, and all ML/AI enabled sensor technologies. (Manuscript Deadline: September 1, 2023)

T&E for AI Enabled Systems 
March 2024 (Issue 45 – Vol 1)

Test and evaluation provides important information at all stages of system development, production, and fielding. As systems change overtime, T&E provides information as to how performance might change as a function of system changes and operational environment changes. This issue will focus on different purposes of T&E programs and how information can be leveraged across the continuum of T&E. (Manuscript Deadline: December 1, 2023)


Authors can submit articles for standard review and editing or for the lengthier ITEA peer review process. Please consider writing an article, share this document with coworkers, and provide feedback. Articles of general interest to ITEA members and The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation readers are always welcome, and authoring these articles is a great way to contribute to our industry. Authors do not need to be ITEA members.

Articles for The ITEA Journal include specialty features, each 2-3 pages long, and key technical articles:

  • Book Reports for T&E or related topics such as systems engineering, scientific principles, and acquisition.
  • Featured Capability describes unique, innovative capabilities; demonstrates how they support T&E.
  • Historical Perspectives recall how T&E was performed in the past or a significant test or achievement, often based on personal participation in the “old days” of T&E.
  • Tech Notes discusses innovative technology that has potential payoff in T&E applications or could have an impact on how T&E is conducted in the future.
  • T&E Handbook modules are included in issues to highlight the topics and get feedback on proposed modules in the handbook. Authors are encouraged to submit their ideas or comment on the printed modules.
  • Cultivating the T&E Workforce addresses the future of T&E by looking for ways to encourage students to pursue and remain in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses and majors, and for innovations in professional education for the T&E workforce.
  • T&E Range Challenges addresses range encroachment related to external activities. Papers will be accepted for this topic during any issue in order to judge interest.
  • Scientific Methods in T&E solicits articles on innovations in statistical/mathematical methods for T&E.
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles. Authors may submit articles designated to be peer-reviewed. The process usually takes 30 extra days. These peer-reviewed articles will be highlighted in The ITEA Journal.