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JUNE 2023 Volume 44, Issue 2


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With a 25+ year successful track record in technology, engineering, and manufacturing, Parraid, LLC is a highly regarded, U.S.-based company specializing in product solutions for aerospace telemetry and ground tactical communications applications. Our product offerings include Telemetry Data Systems (TDS), deployable tactical communication systems, Everything over IP (EoIP) systems, and rugged USB products. Our product capabilities effectively support both telemetry data processing requirements within the world’s most challenging flight test programs along with a wide range of tactical communications requirements.

Parraid is pleased to announce that our Telemetry Data Systems product line has extended its capabilities by integrating our flagship software product, OMEGA NExT Real Time PCM & TMoIP Data Processing Software with our Everything-over-IP (EoIP) Network Radio Gateway (NRG).

The NRG is a solution that provides Radio-over-IP (RoIP) conferencing, converging voice, MIL-STD-188/184 data, HPW data, and remote radio configuration/control capability into a single standalone network appliance.

Combining our Telemetry Data Systems with our deployable communications solutions sets Parraid apart as one of the only companies to offer an “All-in-One” Telemetry Ground Station and communications solution. Our capabilities support virtually any telemetry data processing requirement in the most challenging flight test programs and communications environments.

Our OMEGA NExT Software is part of a Pro Suite which packages together key TDS software offerings. This includes Focus – real-time parameter distribution to network clients; Clarity – parameter display; Clarity Builder – display builder application; Insight – post mission data processing client; Origin – data simulation. Building off Parraid’s industry standard intuitive user interface, our software engineers were able to fully incorporate the NRG’s RoIP voice stream into the Omega NExT software environment for recording radio voice traffic from air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and range operations. Adding this capability into the flight test range ground station environment provides an RF Voice stream into the telemetry data recording that is properly time synced for full playback. This integrated software pairing allows ground station end users to combine all relevant telemetry data with real-time voice communications occurring during any test flight. By turning tactical and commercial radios and phones into a networked resource, all communication between relevant audio sources in the flight test environment can be recorded and played back in real-time.

When Parraid debuted this new capability during ITC 2022 in Glendale, AZ, the demonstration was met with keen interest among tactical ground station end users and attendees from across the aerospace telemetry industry. We are excited to continue with this innovative approach to flight test range operations, and with developing products that provide reliable support for your mission.

Parraid maintains the highest levels of customer satisfaction and has maintained a reputation for excellence, supporting the missions of our Department of Defense, Federal Government, Fortune 500, and commercial customers across many years. Parraid products offer customers unmatched performance and exceptional value backed by superlative engineering, along with global sales, service, and support.





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