NEW Editor Welcome

December 2023 I Volume 44, Issue 4

Keith Joiner

NEW Editor Welcome

I am extremely honoured to be taking over the editor role from Dr Laura Freeman. Hers are ‘hard shoes to fill’ as she has taken the ITEA Journal to a far greater readership and built substantial contributions. It will also be challenging to do the role from Australia, although I am doing a sabbatical with Old Dominion University in Norfolk from August to December next year which will help. Please use email and I can do MSTeams links most of the US afternoon or UK evenings.

I will be guided in the editorial role by the values of T&E when informing decision-making. These values have been initially surveyed within the current ITEA Board and found to be: 1) Independent (i.e., reducing bias), 2) Timely (i.e., early enough to reduce costly changes), 3) Scoped (i.e., so test resources are allocated), 4) Planned (i.e., engaging & sustaining stakeholders, currency), 5) Representative (i.e., of mission, users & environment), 6) Statistically Designed, (i.e., efficient, balanced, defensible), 7) Modelled (i.e., linked to timely, increasingly needed for defensible), 8) Measured (i.e., KPIs), 9) Supportable (i.e., includes wherewithal through-life).

My research page and articles are at, and you can see my testimony to the Australian Senate on Defence Capability Assurance (i.e., T&E) at

Please support me with your contributions and readership. 


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